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    hello ...fellow vikings fans!

    Welcome to you also, HovanMan. WV..vikefan. Congratz on heading to your first game. I sure wish I could do that. Maybe one of these days. but not yet.

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    hello ...fellow vikings fans!

    Richmond: Damon's (804) 965-9550
    Richmond: The Players Club
    Thanks for these richmond viking bars, unfortunately both are shut down by a few years... :wink:
    The players club was great, The owner was a fan and the was Viking stuff everywhere...on all the walls. There were about 30 - 40 Vike fans with jerseys on every week, and when they scored everyone went nuts.

    and tell me about the draft this is my first year attempting and it is work trying to figure out everything...
    honestly there are a ton of different ways to draft and I have done various ways this year. I have drafted 5 teams. Thats it for me. Not to mention I am still trying to win the baseball leagues I am in. Another 4 of those. :drunken:

    On a more important note-
    Bring on the Boys!!!

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    hello ...fellow vikings fans!

    "zzbudzz" wrote:
    well joemama , i lurked for about 2 days and it took 1 day to get my account activated. i wanted to read some post and make sure there wasn't a bunch of 13 year olds posting crap! SO, joemama THATS why i lurked a whole 48 hours before posting .thanks for your WARM welcome :roll:

    I apologize Zz.......I'm usually not that surly. Like my post said, I had been drinking....I don't even remember typing that. Gosh....I feel like TNT all of a sudden....just kidding. Anyways....welcome to the site, glad to have you.

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