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    Heisman Hit and Miss

    [size=13pt]Heisman Hit and Miss (Transition to the NFL)[/size]

    Author: Mike Wobschall,

    Vikings Vice President of Player Personnel Rick Spielman sees a different reason why Heisman winners can be such a hit or miss prospect at the NFL level.

    "There are guys that can have successful collegiate careers but because they're lacking in some type of physical trait, it doesn't equate up here with bigger, faster and better athletes," Spielman explained. "Some of it has to do with the type of scheme they played in during their college career. Their production numbers are way up because they're featured in an offense that fits them. There are a lot of schemes that you see at the college level that you don't see here in the NFL."

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    Re: Heisman Hit and Miss

    Gino Torretta

    1993 and 1994
    Despite his huge collegiate-level success, Torretta was not a top NFL draft pick, and his NFL career was fairly unremarkable. He was not selected until the 7th round in the 1993 NFL draft by the Minnesota Vikings and was not afforded a chance to play at all that year. In 1994, Torretta was on the Vikings' roster, and then was picked up by the Detroit Lions. As was the case in 1993, he failed to play at all in 1994, serving the entire season in a backup role with the Lions.

    [edit] 1995
    In 1995, Torretta moved to NFL Europe and was also on the roster for the San Francisco 49ers and Detroit Lions but again was relegated to backup roles. He was cut by the 49ers in 1996 and subsequently picked up by the Seattle Seahawks. His only chance to play in an NFL game came in the 1996 season finale when he came off the bench for the Seahawks against the Oakland Raiders. He immediately threw a 32-yard touchdown pass that put Seattle ahead, leading the team to victory.

    In 1997, Torretta was on the roster for Seattle and later the Indianapolis Colts but again did not play. After that season, he retired from the NFL.

    Theres a name that worked out least he fell to us in the 7th round

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