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    Re: Heath Farwell cut

    But Frazier said none of the roster decisions made this weekend - like letting go veteran backups Ryan Cook, Jeff Dugan and Heath Farwell - were financially driven. The coach said he never had to speak with vice presidents Rob Brzezinski (football administration) or Rick Spielman (player personnel) about how certain moves would affect the team's cap situation.

    ``Fortunately for me, I haven't had to talk about the money aspect of it,' Frazier said. ``The guys we picked were chosen because they were the best 53.'
    Vikings Relish Fresh Start as Regular Season Begins

    So Leslie made the cuts (not Spielman) and it was related to production on the field and had nothing to do with the CAP.

    Hmmmmmmmm, that might be an eye opener for some. I know it was for me even though I was spewing the "production" and "FO Pukes making decisions" drivel.
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    Isn't a remark like that typically where you would spew, "Frazier speak, much like Childress speak, should be taken with a grain of sal.t"?

    Was it not just last week when I quoted something Frazier said, you claimed it was nothing more than media talk.

    We all know the Vikings had cap issues & the way to get it under the cap was to release veteran players, not rookies & walk ons.

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    I am stunned. Has someone lost their mind?
    Farwell could easily be placed in the top 5 special team players in the league.

    I will miss you Heath!!!!

    (somehow, I just don't feel that this is over yet)

    Personally, I don't think there is intelligent life on other planets. Why should other planets be any different from this one?

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    They had Greenway on the radio after they signed him to hie extension and cut farwell and all I can say is he was not happy with the move.

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    Still really dislike this decision.

    How can you dismiss his contributions?? Farwell was sonic the hedgehog bowling through people to make tackles. Silly good.

    Makes me wonder about Frazier a little.

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