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    Re: heart break in nola...

    "jargomcfargo" wrote:
    I'm sorry. I didn't see any face mask penalty. It was a clean hit.
    Well, maybe not.
    We've had our share of non calls this year so we know how you feel.
    You have a pretty good team and will do well once you get healthy.
    I've never liked Hockuli and his crew.
    Ed flexes his bicep before every first-down signal.


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    Re: heart break in nola...

    Like everyone else here, i feel no pity for the saints.
    We have suffered some bad losses and everyone just says "we need to learn how to win".
    blah blah blah..........who gives a shit.
    Refs miss calls all the time.
    Holding, interference, facemasks, ect.
    If reggie holds on to the ball it wouldnt have mattered.
    You couldnt count all the holding calls, that are called on the wrong guy or when reviewed are not holding at all and those calls cost touchdowns.
    Refs cant see everything.

    Vikes WIN.............and i dont care how.
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    Now i have tried again but seem to be retarded.......oh well,

    Floop the bears!

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    Re: heart break in nola...

    That "game" did nothing to enhance Chilli's qualifications. There is a bad effort by one group or another in every game and the others are just a bit above lousy.

    Face it, Childress couldn't coach pee Wees.

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    Re: heart break in nola...

    There is no such thing as a fair weather Saints fan, they have had no weather that can be deemed fair in the history of their franchise.
    Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please. Mark Twain

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    Re: heart break in nola...

    Don't get me wrong, I'm delighted that the Vikings won.
    The refs and replay officials have stolen enough plays and games from the Vikings this year and in recent memory that it's about time that a few blown calls went the Vikings way.
    That said...

    The lack of a flag on the Bush fumble was a huge turning point in the game.
    Give the Saints the ball back and 15 yards to boot, and they are scoring 3 for sure and maybe 7, which could have turned a 17-10 Vikings lead into maybe a 17-17 tie.

    I'm also not buying that Peterson had control of the ball when his knee hit the ground.
    It's a bang-bang play, and Peterson's grip strength is already the stuff of legend, but if he had that good of a grip on the ball it doesn't come out by virtue of his knee hitting the ground.
    So I'd say he'd lost control of the ball and it should have been called a fumble and awarded to the Saints.
    Instead of the Saints getting the ball around midfield, Vikes finish the drive with a Longwell FG to go up 20-10.

    Now granted, there was at least one play, maybe two, where I thought Brees could and should have been called for intentional grounding and he wasn't, so we can argue what effect those blown calls might have had on the game (but I don't think the Saints scored on any of those drives).
    And certainly, kudos to the Vikings for perservering and fighting back after giving up 17 unanswered points and a 10 point lead to pull it out at the end.
    But if the refs don't cheat the Saints on those two plays, the outcome might have been far, far different.
    The Vikings were good when it counted, but they were lucky too.

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