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    Re: Head Coach Candidates?

    At this point, ANYBODY who can get us a win!!!

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    Re: Head Coach Candidates?

    I'd want jeff fisher, a proven head coach who can get the job done. I dont want to start from scratch all over again by selecting some coordinatoor or college head coach again. That will probably take awhile for the new coach to adapt to everything and could be mike tice part 2. I mean look how long tice has been with us as head coach......4 years or so and he still dont have a clue how to coach, gameplan and make adjustments when necessary.

    Get someone whose already coached in this league, dont start all over and wait for a collge head coach or coordinatoor. The growing process would take a little too long.
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    Re: Head Coach Candidates?

    Even though I don't think he would ever coach again, I'de like to see Jimmy Johnson...

    But Fisher would be a good choice also....

    Hey, how about getting Bud Grant to come out of the office?..

    I wonder if he would still have the same impact now adays as he did during his hay days.....


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    Re: Head Coach Candidates?

    when this thread is at the end of its life, i think we should print it up and mail it to zygi...

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    Re: Head Coach Candidates?

    Defence wins games.. Offense sells tickets..

    Lets get a defenceguy..

    Here a stats..

    Any chance you think of getting a coach out of the top 5/10 as HC..


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    Re: Head Coach Candidates?

    I think sending this thread to the front office would be a great idea.

    The more and more I look at him and what he's done, I like Gregg Williams (DC Redskins) He has a good track record as a coordinator, and had a solid D as HC in Buffalo, in a bad situation. If he can stand up to an amazing talent like Arrington and still have a top 5 Defense, I think he could do the job.
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    Re: Head Coach Candidates?

    Who was Williams D coordinator when he was in Buffalo??
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    Re: Head Coach Candidates?

    I've read that Brian Billick may be available after this year. He would be a popular choice.

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