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    He should be let go...Oh and him...Oh and him too...

    Caine Posted

    Here WE are - after three years - poised on the cusp of greatness. We are - honestly - a couple of key Defensive players away (And a few breaks on the injury side of things).

    If we slip below 8-8 next season, THAT is on Tice. But taking us from 5-11 to the Play-Offs in 3 years - after GReen RAPED our Defence - is not only acceptable, it's amazing!!


    ok you all see the smoke :shock: I think


    Good POST CAINE :thumbleft:

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    He should be let go...Oh and him...Oh and him too...

    Lets be real. That means Red is not going to spend too much . We need to think how best we can improve this team with the budget we're getting. Here is what I think we need to do based on priority.

    1. Get a stud MLB from FA who can lead Henderson and Thomas. These two can play Will and Sam and mature in those areas. Remember how much of an impact bringing in Biekert did (before his last season when he slowed down)? Other teams build their D around the LB corp. We have the talent, we just need someone to help them mature.

    2. Draft a corner or safety in the first round of the draft. We can always move Williams to safety if needed. I am not ready to give up on him yet. He is no Antoine Winfield but he will learn from him.

    3. Get a new Offensive Coordinator. If you could describe the Vikings in one word, what would you use. I would use "inconsistent". Why? Is it the defense? No. The defense always sucked in the first half, adjusted at halftime and then clamped up pretty good in the second half. This happened all season long. Is it the offense? Hell yeah. After 3 years as coordinator if the offense is inconsistent, it's time for a change. Especially with the talent we have on offense.

    4. Hopefully get another pleasant suprise from a late round draft choice (like Mewelde or Smith). I'm hoping it's just not another RB .

    5. Trade/Cut either Smith or Bennet. I hate to see either of them go but the reality is I'd rather exchange one of them for a good defensive player.

    6. I would also like us to draft a decent WR by the 4th round. Moss will be in his 8th year, you can't count on Robinson, Campbell has been hit and miss with leaves us with just Burleson (who is frickin awesome). Robinson needs to be challenged for the 3rd WR spot. It would suck to build a defense for 3 years and realize we have lost talent on offense in the next year or two!!
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