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    Having watched the replay over and over...

    Yes, snowinapril, you are right I think. The Seahawk's defense(DBs especially) were ready for a pass. It was a dumb playcall. You drive down to the redzone and on first down you throw it with a WR. It just doesn't make sense. Throw it with Robinson to Moss maybe. Better odds. I dont know, maybe not I do give credit to Moss that it was a good throw. Nice spiral and everything, but a bad decision by the coaches and Moss to actually throw it. I don't think anyone reading this would have called that play though. Honestly. I can get over that. You make a fake punt by inches in CHICAGO and you are right there. Even with all of the turnovers we were right there. The blocker holds the D-man up for a second more and we have a first down instead of throwing an interception. We have a chance to win that ball game. We make one bad call on a last touchdown drive and we lose. We are right there in every game minus the Giants game. Even with the injuries. Defense has improved. We get Winfield back after a healed ankle and some rest and we will get a little more confidence. Get the offense to start getting in a rythm again and start getting more of the running game involved. Moss is close to full health. We have things to look foward to. Just pray or hope or whatever that Red sells this team to somebody that cares and we will even have more to look foward to. Tice does make me upset every once in awhile but the team has to much talent to always let that be an excuse. They need to start playing and stop so much worrying. Im really upset with the way the team has been playing like everybody else. But every sunday is different guys. Remember that. We might win this weekend and the Jags might beat the Packers. We are tied. Then we take the Packers on the 24th with a ridiculous crowd and have just as good of chance as anybody to win that game. We arent out of this. If we don't make it to the playoffs or look like crap in the playoffs and lose in the first round, we are one step closer to having a better team if we get some better management. I am looking at this really optimistically and hopefully I don't eat my words. But 10-6 is a good record. Even a 9-7 could keep us in front of the division. Its not all over. Just enjoy watching these guys. I know I am going to go back home this weekend from college and I am going to enjoy watching the Vikes play on some HDTV for the rest of the season!

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    Having watched the replay over and over...

    From what players, coaches and observers of Vikings practice have said Randy Moss is a very good passer something that a lot of people don't realize. This play has worked more times than it hasn't for us so I don't think the coaches were totally off calling it. I do agree in the situation we were in it wasn't the right call but that's just 20/20 hindsight.

    I agree it was a very catchable ball and Boulware made a great play.
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    Having watched the replay over and over...

    Not a good play.

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    Re: Having watched the replay over and over...

    "RandyMoss8404" wrote:
    The coaches made a good call. Moss made a good throw.

    Robinson did not make the catch.

    Plain and simple. He needed to plant and jump, and he overran the ball. Do not blame Tice, do not blame Moss, if you must blame someone, blame Robinson.

    If you see the man open it's too late! Randy should have run out of bounds!

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    Having watched the replay over and over...

    Randy is a heck of a passer. He use to QB a little back in HS?????? But just like DC doesn't know all the little things about being a WR, Moss doesn't know the little details of being a QB.

    Experience. Just wasn't the right place to be throwing it.

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    Having watched the replay over and over...

    Who the hell in his right mind is going to say,

    "I saw Bowlwere and then I saw Moss throwing it, I wondered WTF he was doing, there was no way I could have made the grab it was a poor decision by Moss and the staff?"'ve played football so you know that there are no excuses. If something goes wrong and you personally are approached in regards to it you reflect it off your own play. And how you could have possible effected the outcome.

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    Having watched the replay over and over...

    "ItalianStallion" wrote:
    RandyMoss84804. Wtf are you talking about?

    There is just over 2 minutes left, we are in scoring position, are defense inspires no confidence, it is 1st and 10 and our genius offensive coordinator wan't to take the ball out of our Pro Bowl QBs hands and go for it all right away...

    Lets just analyze what is wrong with that. First off let me say that even if the play worked it would have been a bad call. Robinson was not open enough to risk throwing a lob in there, Moss made a bad choice because as far as I could tell the throw was actually pretty good.

    With that much time left we should be running the ball. Too many time this season have we scored with 2-3 minutes left only to watch the other team drive on our sorry defense for the game winning score. We should have run most the clock out there at the end or we would have just suffered the same fate.

    Also it was first and 10, I enjoy those cute little plays sometimes but not when the game is one the line. They are way too easy to screw up.

    How can you possibly justify that call????? I'm pretty sure Culpepper is a good enough passer that we don't have to resort to trick like that to complete a pass.
    I would have to agree. I love the idea of the call, and it has worked before, but I don't like the timing of the call. Any other quarter, or at the beginning of the 4th that call doesn't bother me. BUT, at the 20 with 2:09 left, not the smartest thing, especially since we were moving the ball just fine on that drive. All we had to do was keep moving the ball the way we were! Oh well, the games over, let's go whoop up on Detroit! Oh, and why didn't Robinson at least try to knock the damn ball down!

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    Having watched the replay over and over...

    "RandyMoss8404" wrote:
    "snowinapril" wrote:
    NO WAY, Moss8404, it is not Robinson fault.

    Plenty of bad decisions were made way before it ever got to Robinson.
    Alright, I'm done arguing this point. You all are showing ridiculous obstinacy in blaming the coaching staff for a play Robinson himself said he should have made - and, though I was unaware before making this post, he actually agrees with what I said above. Perhaps that's because we've both played receiver.


    "I didn't see [Boulware] until the last second," Robinson said. "I definitely could have stopped and planted and went back to the ball if I had seen him. Randy had faith that I could make that play. Those are the plays we got to make in order for us to win."

    Receiver Nate Burleson said from his vantage point that Robinson looked open for a split second.
    What does your playing WR and wearing Number 84 in High School have to do with anything. We are talking about the NFL here, not another Friday Night Lights game. Bad call and bad decision by Moss given the circumstances. If I see that play in garbage time or in a highschool game with you throwing it, thats one thing, but wrong place and wrong time for that play with playoff implications in mind.
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    Having watched the replay over and over...

    Viking Fan Fight!!!!

    Have you ever seen a race of turtles, and they all go the wrong way instead of towards the finish line?

    Welcome to the NFC North.

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    Having watched the replay over and over...

    Was anybody watching the same game that I was??????????????? If moss throws the ball higher.....where only robinson can get it we either have a catch or an incompletion....THE BALL WAS NOT HIGH ENOUGH....END OF DISCUSSION!! :salute:
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