View Poll Results: Has there ever been a time when you wanted the Vikes to lose?

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    Quote Originally Posted by battleaxe4cheese View Post
    What's with the "hate Tebow more than..."
    Just wondering I guess. I haven't seen much of him so I can't say one way or another how I feel about him. Now you use the term HATE so must be something personal or something I guess. Now you have my curiosity peaked. What's the deal man?
    I agree with him actually. I cannot stand Tebow. He's beaten a few streaky/bad teams, and all of a sudden he's a god again? He had way too much hype in the draft, got picked way too early, and now 4 games into his career he's annointed king of QB's? Screw that. Teams will find ways to shut him down (wait, they already are).

    I mean, he completes two passes in a game, his D/run game wins for him, and now all of a sudden he's a Winner? Bullshit

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    No never.

    A better draft pick guarantees nothing.

    The draft is a gamble.

    (Leaf, A. Smith, Couch, etc)

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    I sarcastically cheer against them sometimes. It eases the pain, especially during seasons like this. Even when I think I want them to lose though, when it's game time it's hard to actually hope for them to lose, and no matter how I feel before hand, it always feels good if they do manage to win. I never believe in losing for better draft position though.

    However, I do find myself wanting them to lose more and more after I've lost my patience with a head coach. Green, Tice, and Childress. I found myself routing more and more for loses when I believed they were never going to take us anywhere. You can only tolerate so many .500 seasons and wildcard loses before you realize losing is the only way to get rid of a bum. Sadly however, there's no guarantee the next guy is going to be any better, and in the cases of Tice and Frazier, they could even be worse, so be careful what you wish for.

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    Do I want the Vikings to lose? No.

    Do I care as much if they do not win? Not as much as if it was a close hunt for the division crown.

    I care more about why they do not win, and how much they lose by, and that is my worry going on into the future. The Packers and Bears have crushed the Vikings, and a lot of that has to do with the systems deployed on offense and defense as much as the players.

    Good players in a bad system will still bring poor results. We had been through that with Childress, and too much of that system is still in place on defense, while the offense is called pretty much the same as under Childress - even though the offensive coordinator has changed. It is almost like Frazier had learned nothing from the square peg in round hole philosophy that ruined the Vikings under Childress.

    WAKE UP VIKINGS! The NFL is a passing league.

    On a positive note, the Packers went through a pretty poor season just a few years ago, and those better draft picks and good free agent moves allowed them to be a much better team now.
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    I'm with others. I always want them to win. However, in a season such as this, the losses don't bother me all that much.


    Thanks to Josdin for the awesome sig!

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