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    Re:Has anyone given you crap about liking Favre?

    #4kicksA$$ wrote:
    Marrdro,Actually I seem to remember a post in the last week or so where you were praising Favre. I do beleive you even admitted to being WRONG about him.
    Hang around my friend and you will see me hack on every player on this team for gaffing something up and turn around the next week and give them praise for playing well.

    Additionally, I will even, at times, admit that I am wrong about things.

    But in the end, putting all the football things aside, I just can't stand the dude. Never have, never will. I get ill just watching him on the field. Only way I've made it through the season this far is to focus on the OL play and ignore his EX PUKER ass.
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    Re:Has anyone given you crap about liking Favre?

    Mostly good-natured stuff from friends who say "how could you root for that guy", or "I'm sick of his yearly will I or won't I retire"...but they're all Giants, Jets and Patriots fans, so who cares what they think.
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    Re:Has anyone given you crap about liking Favre?

    12purplepride28 wrote:
    I wore my favre jersey the other day and a steelers fan (they are very cocky for a team that lost to the browns, raiders, and chiefs) came up to me and started talking about how I wasn't a true vikings fan because I liked Favre. His logic was that because Favre was on the Packers for so long and they are the vikings rivals, i should never cheer for favre because he WAS a packer. I was just wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience.
    That's a really stupid thing for a person to say honestly. I liked Favre even when he was on the Packers whippin' our butts most of the time. :lol: He's a cool guy and very respectable. Now that he's on the Vikings it gives me even more of a reason to cheer him on. Maybe they were just jealous because they missed the playoffs? Haha.

    Also, I haven't really had any bad interactions with my Favre jersey and people, so I can't say much for that myself.

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