Sorry Singer, But I think you missed the point...midg and I are saying resign him, there wouldn't be a signing bonus or any guaranteed money a year from now without a new deal, would there? I totally agree that he's worth more to us than what anybody will offer to trade for him, so our best bet is to sign him up long term. All we're saying is that the leverage is on the Vikings' side, and they just might need to present it that way to Harvin so he'll take a bit less than becoming the highest paid WR in league history.

And, I'm also saying, that as a business, you can't afford to guarantee any player's entire contract, because if he did suffer a career ending injury, you would be paying a guy who isn't playing and with the salary cap as is, you just can't afford to do that for more than a year or 2. That's why you only guarantee a year out on the contract...the signing bonus is already paid, so it's guaranteed by default, and that covers year one. And, that would put a HUGE chunk of money in Harvin's account immediately after he signed, and help out our cap by spreading out his pay a bit over the contract.