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    Re: Harvin is the only Viking deserving of Pro Bowl

    Being on a winning team usually gives the player a bit of an edge.

    I guess they think that proves something.

    That could work against our guys.

    Sort of unfair being that we had that slow start with Childress.
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    Re: Harvin is the only Viking deserving of Pro Bowl

    Quote Originally Posted by "singersp" #1079953
    I've said it earlier this year. Greenway doesn't get noticed or get the accolades he very much deserves, as evidenced by the first post.

    Not only does he lead the Vikings in tackles, but he is 2nd IN THE LEAGUE in solo tackles, in assisted tackles & in combined tackles.

    For him to be not nominated to the Pro Bowl, would be a travesty.

    But then again, you have to consider who's voting.

    When it comes to defensive players, many, if not most, erroneously judge/grade a player based solely on the number of INT's he has, the number of fumbles he causes and/or the number of QB sacks he has.

    BTW, Harvin might make it based on popularity, but not by stats. He only has 596 yards receiving (28th in the league) 4 TDs (tied for 28th in the league) & 46 receptions (tied for 29th in the league)
    I still have the "I don't like Greenway" spreadsheet.

    You would be suprised at the 4 prominent posters on this site that didn't like him, even after last year.

    For me, the following should get a nod and are the only ones I voted for.....

    a. AD - Reasons listed above
    b. Greenway - Reasons listed above
    c. Harvin - Numbers aren't that great on offense, but I voted for him on ST's.
    d. Kluwe (Shock suprise)
    e. EJ - I know he doesn't have the numbers, but damn. Who would have thought he would even play this year, let alone as well as he has.
    f. Tahi - I know, but did you look at what was available to vote for. Ole Tahi, IMHO is the best FB in the NFC this year. Speaks volumes to the caliber of that position if you ask me.

    I haven't even looked at our OL though and didn't vote for any of them mostly cause I think they are playing at or about league average and that doesn't warrant consideration IMHO.
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