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    Re:Harvin not practicing - Williams/Edwards also out

    Minnesota Vikings receiver Percy Harvin participated in the team's final practice and meetings Saturday and will travel with his teammates to New Orleans for the NFC Championship Game, sources close to the player told ESPN's Ed Werder.

    One source said the symptoms Harvin was suffering from with his migraine headaches were less severe but the problem still lingers.

    He was listed as questionable on the official injury report but his availability to play remained undetermined.

    Harvin, the AP's offensive rookie of the year, missed practice Thursday and was told by coach Brad Childress to remain home Friday. Childress said the missed practice time could not be made up and called the situation "less than ideal."
    Harvin is making the trip but it still to be determined if he can play and to what extent if he can.
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    Re:Harvin not practicing - Williams/Edwards also out


    I hope he has some success like he did earlier in the year

    Seems like they won't even kick to him and he hasn't really been recieving as much

    I hope he gets more involved in the run game


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    Re:Harvin not practicing - Williams/Edwards also out

    AsylumGuido wrote:
    fanofteam wrote:
    jmcdon00 wrote:
    fanofteam wrote:
    Either people started to bet NO heavy or something is up as my offshore book just moved the line to NO -4 in the last 2 hours
    Could be the injury reports and Percy being out the last couple days.
    I think the Vikings will cover.
    Do you use a public site?

    I bet with a local guy but he only takes a nickle a game so I use Bodog sometimes such as this week as me and my buddies bet NO to win the NFC and to win the SB in Vegas this past summer.. This was before Favre signed and I have lost a lot in the past on the Vikes.

    This week it's a win /win situation as I pick up $3000 if the Saints win and will bet $1000 on the Vikes

    If the Vikes lose hopefully it's by less than 4 as I got 4 1/2 Sunday night on Bodog
    You just blew a grand. Saints will cover 4 1/2.

    Sucks the Vikes lost but at least they covered the spread and I won both bets.

    Winning 6K makes the loss MUCH easier, lol

    Now I will bet Indy on the money line since they are favorite and root for the Saints

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