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    Everything about this is still, "reports" and usually from "unnamed sources" which to me, is equal to smoke and mirrors. Sure, there's at least a bit of truth in there somewhere, but I just don't see the angle...we've got a track record of extending keepers going into their last year, now, and I think AP and Greenway's contracts show we are willing to pay for talent, we totally made PH the focus of the offense while he was healthy, and our team improved from 3 wins to 10 and a playoff spot. In short, I think the Vikes have done everything he's asked, so I wonder why he'd be so set on going elsewhere, and leaving AP and this defense behind. Unless, the Gator in him just can't play with a Seminole!? JK, maybe, it comes down to him wanting to go home to FL, where his family is...but none of those teams did as well as the Vikings did last season, and I think there's a pretty good chance he'll regret this decision before long...if this even was/is his decision.

    Zobel does not name the mystery team. Possibilities could include Jacksonville, Miami, St. Louis and San Francisco.
    It's such a deep draft, that I think I best like the idea of getting a 2 and 3 from Miami, but I don't see them being interested if they sign both Wallace and Hartline. I'd love to add the 2nd pick of the 2nd that KC traded to SF, but it doesn't sound like they have the cap space to pay him. Talking STL out of one of their firsts (16 or 22) would be awesome, as I've seen them snagging the WR we covet right in front of us at 22 a lot lately, but I don't see Fisher as the type of coach to want to bring in a diva for a first round pick when they have so many other needs.

    That brings us to JAX who is actually where he played his college ball, so he'd probably be happy about that, but so far, looks like it may actually be a downgrade at QB. From the Jags perspective, he would definitely spark some interest and sell some tickets, and in this year's deep draft, having the first pick of the 2nd round would be awesome!! Specially if we could also get them to swap picks in a mid round, hopefully, our 23rd of the 4th for their FIRST of the 4th, but moving up our 5th wouldn't be bad either.

    A potential sleeper of a trade partner is NE, where Welker is likely moving on and they could use a serious WR upgrade anyway, and we know Belicheat likes PH's skills...but not only do they not have any extra picks this year, they don't even have their full allotment, so us getting their 29th overall seems unlikely.

    I just hope we get some value out of him, cuz we're going to need to fill 3 spots if he leaves: Slot/1b WR, KR, and 3rd RB. And (assuming Harvin is gone) we already don't have a WR worth more than 4th round potential...D'oh!! Anyone else feel like beating their head against a brick wall!? As in, seeing our weakness worsen instead of better!?
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    Quote Originally Posted by C Mac D View Post
    Who cares anymore, Harvin is a petulant child.

    I don't have faith that we'll get a lot of value for him in a trade, at least not what he's worth... but at this point I don't even care anymore. He's insulting the team and us the fans. F*ck'em.
    Agreed! Doesn't matter how good he is if he doesn't want to play for the team then get rid, The Pats will take him to replace Welker imo
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    I'm so tired of the Harvin drama. Yes He's a great player (when he's on the field) but at this point he's being a pissy little baby. These are the type of players the Vikings are trying to rid of, let another team deal with this "headache".

    I've lost respect for Percy. Yes he deserves to be paid, but he could have gone at this all in a much better way. Now he supposedly just doesn't want to be a Viking. Screw him, they don't need a player like that.

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    It's reported that Percy wants out and an offer is in place, so I think it will come to pass.
    Spielman is probably waiting to see if he can get any better offers, but it is starting to appear to be a virtualy done deal.

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    A deal it is to, nice little haul in return. I would definitely not hold my breath as of yet. They still need to come to an agreement on a new deal, he has to pass his physical. For all we know he will test positive for something, or maybe his ego is shattered and will fail the damn thing.

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