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    Quote Originally Posted by Marrdro View Post
    I actually think our defense is going to be a heck of alot better this year, even though I don't think our interior of the DL was fixed right and we are going to stay with the C2 instead of a more traditional T2 or just getting away from both of them for a "Press Zone" kindof look.
    Need a 0 or 3 technique DT, or a 3 or 5 technique with pocket collapsing/penetrating skills.
    Also need a stud 3 down Mike linebacker.
    Right now the Vikings are hoping on a wish and a prayer that backup players are going to step up their games and do something they really haven't done in the past at these two positions.
    Defensive backfield is also being built on a wish and a prayer to some degree.

    The defense is weak up the middle and I think they will be looking for a MLB and DT in next years draft.

    Like Midge I think Smith may be solid but not elite. After last year I will settle for solid!

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    We have lots of new players and we still have the same coaching staff minus the one who actually had a decent unit in Dunbar. Not sure how we are going to be better this year. There was no real upgrade at MLB, the OLB's are not upper level and the secondary is still going to be hampered by the penny pinching and ill designed schemes they have been hampered by for the past 15 years.

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