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    Harrison Smith has some big shoes to fill!

    So Harrison Smith will be wearing #22?
    That of the great Paul Krause.

    I wonder why they never retired Krause's #22 jersey.
    I have a own little respect setup for him though:

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    He is in the Ring of Honor ... I guess this does not mean retired number?

    Kind of odd actually. The retired number list includes non hall-of-famers ... but some other hall of famers are just in the Ring of Honor? I am quite shocked that Paul Krause's number is not retired now that it has been brought to my attention.

    Carl Eller and Randal McDaniel aren't retired either ... kind of odd.

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    Kind of embarrassing that we haven't retired his number.
    Why must you defend everything this FO the point of making your self look like a yes man.

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    Quote Originally Posted by marshallvike View Post
    Kind of embarrassing that we haven't retired his number.

    Although since Krause played, it has been worn by;

    Brown, Ivory Lee, RB, Ark.- Pine Bluff 1993
    Freeman, Steve, S, Mississippi 1987
    Irvin, Ken, CB/S, Memphis 2003-05
    Johnson, Ken, S, Florida A&M 1989-90
    Palmer, David, WR/RB, Alabama 1994-00
    Pinner, Artose, RB, Kentucky 2006
    Redwine, Jarvis, RB, Nebraska 1981-83
    Sapp, Benny, CB, Northern Iowa 2008-09
    Wright, Felix, S, Drake 1991-92
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