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Thread: happy fans?

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    happy fans?

    The Few, The Proud, The Masshole whos a Vikings fan!--- Me.

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    happy fans?

    Hey, hey! its been somtime since i have visited the site, i was traveling but anywho...... NFL is about to get back in action, THANK GOD!! anyone who is going through withdrawel should stick to watching NBA and MLB games (yawn). So over the past few months i have been out of touch, i was just wondering if everyone is happy with viking moves and draft. i know i am probably behind the times, but watcha think? I am impressed myslef to tell you the truth. I expect to see a great season and everyone, i mean everyone will be impressed with the offense. THE BEST hands down!
    So drop a line, i want to know if the true Viking fans are happy (meaning you).

    Oh by the way training camp starts in a month, i will be in mankato quite a bit being i live nearby, so if anyone is going to be here, let me know. you can never have too many Viking fan friends, later[Edited by radthad on 06/26/03 05:59 PM]

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