"singersp" wrote:
"SKOL" wrote:
Sorry to scoop you on this singer. I figured I had an advantage though, seeing as I got the paper.

That's a sweet pic, and an autograph too. How did you come across that?
I go thru the paper every morning while your still in bed SKOL! :grin:

I just didn't see it on the "Online Paper"

The autograph pic was giving to me by my daughters boyfriends parents.

He & his parents are Cheesedicks. His mother grew up in the Twin Cities & I believe she actually aquired the autographed pic.

I believe she converted to a Packer fan after she married. They dislike the Vikings, but they know Iam a die-hard Vikings fan, so they gave the pic to me.

The pic has to be about 30 years old.

He looks much better than Ragnar! I hate converted fans, especially when they convert to Packer fans.. If it is one thing I hate, it is bandwagon jumpers.. I am old school, you stick with your team NO-MATTER WHAT!!!