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    Griffin Apologizes for April Arrest; Offensive Line Vows to improve
    Cedric Griffin knows he has things to work out, both on and off-the-field. The Vikings 2nd-year defensive back had an eventful rookie season. Griffin played 14 games, and started the final 6 games of the 2006 season. By all accounts, Griffin out-performed expectations for his rookie season. The Vikings believe they can make him better.

    "Really this off-season I worked on my strength just because I love the contact and I've been working with defensive backs coach (Joe) Woods getting the Cover-2 technique down real well", Griffin said at Thursday's practice.

    But his off-season, off-the-field did not go well. He was arrested in April at a Minneapolis nightclub for disorderly conduct. Club officials told police Griffin was ejected after violating their dress-code for wearing his jeans too low. They say Griffin wouldn't leave the club when asked. Griffin will plead not-guilty at a May 31st hearing in Hennepin County. Embarassed by all of this, Griffin apologizes.
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    Re: Griffin Apologizes for April Arrest; Offensive Line Vows to improve

    like what else can the lineman say?
    "we hope to mess up and give up big plays for losses regularly."
    obviously this reporter couldnt find many stories at the OTA's.

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    Re: Griffin Apologizes for April Arrest; Offensive Line Vows to improve

    seems like the reporter was told,

    "Griffin has some dirt.. go bring it back up"

    he got there and tried.. found that since smoot left the dirt is only dust now..

    I am glad to have Griffin back. he did great as a rookie year and should be a solid part of our D.


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