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    Green Bay Fumble Recoveries

    thanks for the clearifications!

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    Green Bay Fumble Recoveries

    "vikingstw" wrote:
    "ccRaider" wrote:
    Hey Folks-

    Raider fan here posting for the first time. I seldom go to any other team's message board, but after watching that officiating debacle yesterday I just had to log on with my 2 cents......

    [size=18px]You guys got SCREWED![/size]

    I have to say I didn't watch the whole game, so I don't know if you were out-played in general or what, but that fumble call at the end was complete BS. Your guy (#30 I think it was) CLEARLY had the ball when the pile started forming on top of him. If he has the ball and is laying on the ground, isn't he down by contact at that point?

    The part that REALLY made me wonder was the referee's explanation. Did any of you record this? Listen to what he said. It made absolutely no sense. Something like since the runner didn't recover the fumble it was packer's ball? wtf is that? If you have it recorded, and could quote the ref, I'd like to know what exactly it was that he said.

    BTW, before I get jumped by any packer fans, I'm not posting out of any bitterness toward green bay. The last time they kicked the Raiders' ass it was just a good old fashioned ass-whipping. I didn't enjoy it, but they dominated that game and I gave them all the credit in the world for it. Most of the green bay folks that posted on our Raider board were really cool, and some were downright hilarious with their smack.

    I just thought there were some lousy calls yesterday, and would like to know what that ref's explanation was on that last fumble.

    Out of all the fans in the NFL i did not expect this! :salute:
    I don't know, stw...after having witnessed the "Tuck Rule" game (where the Raiders got screwed by the Patsies), I would totally expect Raiders fans to understand our I am not surprised that ccRaider is here posting. Welcome to the board, ccRaider!

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    Green Bay Fumble Recoveries

    Inside of two minutes left in a half, if a player fumbles the ball forward, only that player can recover the fumble for the offense and keep the forward progress. If any other player on the team originally possesing the ball recovers the ball, the ball is returned to the spot of the fumble. If the opposing team recovers the ball, they get the ball where they recovered it.

    however, that should never have come into play, because the Vikings recovered the ball, if, of course, you're using the same standards that the refs used on the Fischer fumble in the endzone earlier in the game.

    BTW, Tice did not chalenge that play because the refs informed him that their ruling was that fischer fumbled the ball before he crossed the end line, but recovered his own fumble in the endzone. The possesion of the football on a fumble recovery is not a reviewable play.

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