"vikinggreg" wrote:
The Bears faced a third-and-short inside their own 30 yard line leading 20-0. Harbaugh called an audible at the line of scrimmage. Neal Anderson didn't hear it called, and he failed to break off his pattern into the flat. Harbaugh threw a short pass into the flat, and Todd Scott intercepted it and took it to the house. Mike Ditka went absolutely berserk on the sideline, and less than a quarter later, Minnesota won the game 21-20. Ditka's career in Chicago were basically finished after that.
I remember this game. It was 1992 and Denny's first year in Minnesota. The game was at the Dome and Chicago was 2-2 and hammering us looking to go 3-2 and knock us to 3-2 and they would become the favorites in the division. I was watching it on a CBS feed on my parents satellite dish and was completely pissed when this play happened. Ditka went ballistic on Harbaugh for the audible and told him he was not allowed to audible the rest of the season. The Vikes went on to 11-5 and the division title while the Bears widdled to 5-11 ... costin Ditka his job.

Great call on this play ... sticks out in my head like it happened yesterday.