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    Re: Great Article With Some Good Points

    Smoot could definitely learn a thing or two about how to stick your shoulder into a tackle.
    He looks like he is just launching his body at people, closing his eyes, and hoping something good happens.
    His head is usually down as you pointed out earlier making him very vulnerable to injuries.
    Don't know if he is afraid of contact or just missed basic tackling 101.
    Gotta believe he has had plenty of instruction just a bit uneasy with the impact.

    Get AW or even Cedric to show him how to attack a tackle correctly and he might even enjoy it.
    Hurts a hell of a lot less when you go after it with aggression vs. letting the ball carrier come at you.

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    Re: Great Article With Some Good Points

    He can takle when he wants too. He had some good takles against the Redskins. I think this is the perfect soap opera just building up for that one final big play we need on D. Guess who comes up big? I'm not beliving it, but that would really make me laugh.

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    Re: Great Article With Some Good Points

    "Del" wrote:
    I have said it before, there are 11 people on defense and our D has not allowed more then 19 points all season. If Fred Smoot is contributing to that in any shape or form and we continue to have those kinds of performances then I can't cry about that at all.
    This is what i've tried to get across many times when i see people bashin smoot. his play is VASTLY improved, but not just him.. the 11 guys who make up the playing D have come under one Coach who seems to want to hit, stuff, and make the plays to help this team win.

    Tomlin has the guys flying.. watch the seachickens O stances.. each time someone was tackled there were 3 white jearseys on on the ball carrier.. be it the QB, the RB, or anyone else unlucky enouf to get their # called.

    We really only gave up 1 big play.. the rest of the passing (and i say passing cause their run like everyone elses who's gone against us went no-where) was small shots here and there cause that's ALL our D left open.

    I would rather have our guys following Tomlins plans, schema's, and his vision of the D.. then have them play shut down corner (or other spot) based on individ talent.
    The D is everywhere.. our run stoppers are Amazing, our saftey's are ballhawking hitters. our cb's rarely let anyone past them, and our Lb's are coming on STRONG!!

    As for the WR's and the lack of production.. well we've had production, just not scoring.. now it seems that as long as B.chill keeps shoving C.t down the throats of apposing D's it'll spread out the middle of the field, and with the play ability of B.j.. we'll see more scroing, and with the way our D is playing.. all we need is at least 4 scoring plays per game of any mixture. (well @ least one TD)

    I would like to see more YAC, but we have a long way to go yet, it's 7 weeks in.. and there's 9 more to go. there's def time for the O to pick up the pace.


    "We tried to stick with it, but there was a point where we were beating our head against a wall," Seattle Coach Mora talking about running at the Williams Wall

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