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    Re: Grade TJ's Performance

    So far the only pass T-Jacks throws well is the play-action post. He has a strong arm. Otherwise, he basically is junk when throwing anything other than a post route.

    At the same time, I can't really bag on him for playing "within himself" in the Giants game. The job of a QB is to win, period, not to complete a bunch of passes and run up his stats. So, by definition, he did well, because we won. I think he did a very good job of not turning the ball over and just "driving the bus".

    Do I think he is a great QB, or ever will be ? No.

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    Re: Grade TJ's Performance

    His performance was "okay" in my opinion...his TD pass was a little lucky as it was underthrown and turned into a TD only because the Gman Dback was lost on that play...he did make a few good passes for first downs when it was to Bobby Wade looked like what a real NFL QB should be able to do on a regular basis!

    However, he still is uncooked meat when it comes to pocket presence...he still waits too long to throw sometimes.
    When he does run the ball, he's still looking a little tentative...also...he's still a little overwhelmed by this level of football, as was evident when he slid at the end of a scramble and wound up about 5 yards short of the first down when he could of got about another 10 yards!
    That was hilarious!

    I wouldn't go too far on the point about him being 5-2 as a starter...he's been kind of lucky in each of these games (meaning his screw-ups hasn't really cost us) as well as the team having big games from either the running backs or the defense.

    At this point he is a quarterback that always gives us the chance to "lose!"...We could not rely on him to bring us back from a deficit of significant size.

    I graded him as a "C"...but as far as what he might become?....There have been plenty that have improved greatly over 5 years or so...look at Tony Romo or even Doug Williams...he had a 37% completion percentage in his first year with the Tampa Bay Yuccaneers but then led Washington to a
    Super Bowl 10 years later, a game in which he was unbelievable! (was voted MVP as well!)

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    Re: Grade TJ's Performance

    I'd give him a solid B.
    He needs to improve his pocket presence (or speed up his mental clock when in the pocket) but on the other hand he seems much more patient now than in the past.
    He actually looked off a safety to throw the TD pass to Rice.
    When have we seen that before?

    He has a ways to go, but there's definitely improvement, and I think the game is slowing down for him as he gains confidence... and yes he's now 5-2 as our starter,
    ;D .
    It's hard to find fault with that.

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    Re: Grade TJ's Performance

    I agree, He gets about a "B"- he went out and did exactly what he was supposed to do. that is, complete a resonable percentage of passes, take care of the ball, and dont do anything incredibly stupid. and show some improvement. i saw that too. he COULD actually become a decent NFL starter.

    VikesFan787, Thanks for the awesome sig!

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    Re: Grade TJ's Performance

    See people, we really aren't that far apart on this. The overwhelming majority gives the guy a B for the game.
    "I hate when threads are destroyed by facts and logic."
    - Prophet

    Thanks Josdin!

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    Re: Grade TJ's Performance

    I would give a C+ up to this point in the season. Here's why:

    Accuracy under pressure: Poor

    Pocket Awarness: Poor

    Running out of the Pocket when needed: Good

    Making short passes: Good

    Mid-Range and Longer passes with touch and accuracy: Fair

    Being able to stand in and take a hit: Fair

    Reading Defensive Scheem/Blitzes: Poor (Lack of experience mainly)

    Making check down reads and NOT staring down your intended receiver: Fair

    Leadership on the Field: ?? Still to early to tell.

    Where is Frostbite Falls Minnesota?

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    Re: Grade TJ's Performance

    Well being 5-2 as a starter shows that he is an OK quarterback obviously. IDK what it is but we seem to play better as a team when he plays, and find ways to win. I'm still not sure he is the QB this team needs but after a few years behind a great veteran he could come out to be a pretty good player. Right now he just doesn't have the mental aspect for the game as he stays in the pocket too long, and has caused some pretty big turnovers. All together i would say he is OK right now, good enough to get us through games. But not a franchise quarterback.

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    Re: Grade TJ's Performance

    A D which is better than teh F he has been getting. So if you want me to say that he has improved. There you go.
    When he starts showing consistancy over more games than we can talk improvement but not an So-so game against a bad team (Oakland) and an OK game against a semi-decent team(NYG)

    W/L have little relivence to a starting QB
    Its like saying that your starting pitrcher gave up 10 runs but your team scored 11 you may get the win but it not because of anything you did.
    At least 2 of those wins were all from the defense. Give credit where credit is due.

    Carson Palmer is 4-7 this year but can you say that his W/L total this year has anything to to with his performance?

    While Buffalo and Chicago are 5-6 can you argue that Losman/Edwards and Grossman/Greise are having a better year than him?

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    Re: Grade TJ's Performance

    "tgorsegner" wrote:
    I agree, He gets about a "B"- he went out and did exactly what he was supposed to do. that is, complete a resonable percentage of passes, take care of the ball, and dont do anything incredibly stupid. and show some improvement. i saw that too. he COULD actually become a decent NFL starter.
    He played the kind of game that many of us have been waiting for him to play.
    He did not make any stupid mistakes.
    He took care of the ball.
    He did what he needed to do.
    I am going to give him a B for the Giants game.
    However, when your defense scores 3 TD's and sets the offense up inside the 10 yard line for another TD it really helps the offense and the QB out.
    With the running game we have we don't need Joe Montana behind the center.
    We need a QB that won't lose the game for us.
    I was satisfied with his play last Sunday.
    All that needs to be seen now is if he can do it on a regular basis.

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    Re: Grade TJ's Performance

    grading if done now should be based on his level as a qb in the NFL,

    how long can you cinsider a rookie season? this is his 1st year as a starting QB.

    littleManning has 4 years, 2 as a starting qb. compare the 2 on how they did.. and remember.. the giants bost the eliete "sac fest" D. we wern't playing a sloppy no pass rush ragdolls.

    10/12 completions
    6 players had receptions, 4 plays > 10 yards, 1 TD, 0 Int

    that's a good accounting for a run first team. ok you want more yards, but accuracy was WAY up, and turnovers didn't happen. yes he fumbled once, but we got a 1st down so.. sometimes fluke's happen

    at this time in his career he should be able to recognize situations for what they are, make quick decisions, and hear that alarm ticking in his head. I think that in his experience he played a lot better then littleManning, facing a very aggresive front 4 + blitzes. Intead of running backwards like a frightened chicken, he made 2 critical runs, and plays on his feet to keep drives alive. his passing was far better then past games as he was leading receivers instead of just behiend, he looked off the saftey with perfect timing on the SR TD pass!

    from the level of setting his standard we should expect now from him. I have to grade an A. now final grade would be can he maintain this level of performance. he set his bar high, can he improve or maintain it?


    "We tried to stick with it, but there was a point where we were beating our head against a wall," Seattle Coach Mora talking about running at the Williams Wall

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