OK, we started strong once again but then we faltered mid-season. We backed into the playoffs but had a huge win at Green Bay. Sure the loss today was disappointing but a few weeks back many would not have believed that we would even reach the divisional round of the playoffs. All in all, the win at GB saved the season for me.

Offensive grade: B (we are better than most teams but still struggle to be as strong as we can be)

Defensive grade: C (improved in some areas over last season but degraded in others...much room for improvement, especially regarding LB's and DB's)

Coaching grade: C- (alot of questionable decisions and playcalling...much of it has already been discussed previously)

Season grade: C+ (good but not great...we will be better next year. I have no doubts)

Looking forward to some good debate and discussion with you all in the offseason. And already looking forward to next season...