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    A good time for a BYE WEEK!

    Season Recap....ok....we beat a banged up team IN WASHINGTON...Washington was picked by almost everyone to win that game...Vikes come out ahead.
    The next week, we win a game that maybe we shouldnt have....Defense keeps us close enough to pull it out in the end...
    Vikes 2-0 for the season.
    Against the Bears, we outplay them for the entire game, except for one play....a costly fumble when we had the lead....Vikes are humbled and go 2-1 for the season.
    I think most people at the beginning of the season would have gladly taken 2-1 against our first 3 opponants.

    Then we lay a turd against the Bills.
    Still, the defense keeps us in that game with a chance to actually win it with a Johnson to Robinson pass play that was SOOOOO close to being 6!

    Game today against the Lions wasnt pretty...but then NFC Noris games rarely are!
    Forget about how we got here.....but we are 3-2 going into the Bye week.
    A couple weeks to put together a winning formula of offense.

    A couple tough games still coming up.....but then the schedule becomes VERY favorable for a nice run at the end of the season!

    Bears are playing great....lets just see how long Rexy stays upright.
    I'd much rather see the Packers miss the playoffs because of their talent then because of their injuries.

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    Re: A good time for a BYE WEEK!

    I don't know. I'd almost prefer to play next week and bit the week after. We got on a roll during the 4th, which i think would have carried over into next week. But this week gives the bumps and bruises time to heal before we play 2 of the 4 toughtest games all year back to back. SKOL Vikes. let's keep this train moving.
    Trying to bring rationale to an irrational site

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    Re: A good time for a BYE WEEK!

    Hell Yeah but I am pleased with the play this team is making the right decisions yeah were 3-2 alot of ball left to be played. I hope we can go into the Bye and come out strong

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    Re: A good time for a BYE WEEK!

    I think that this record isn't bad!
    We've only lost to one NFC Team, which is good for a tiebraker for the playoffs!
    I think that the offense could improve in the passing game...the running game looked great today!
    But I still think that we should give T-JACK a shot against the 49ers.
    He has a very strong arm, but it would be huge for him and us to have a qb who can be mobile when needed, and make plays with is feet.
    I say, give him a shot against SF.

    My question I have many weeks ago did t-jack get injured for 4 weeks?

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