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    Good sign for Sunday?

    lol this is funny i've played madden2003 last year and i played the colts and won the SB was against the bucs as is not an actual indication on what the game will be. anything can happen...try this put the records the way they are now and such then have the machine play the game by itself and see the outcome...but it has to have exact stats and injuries current. this will be more of an indication as to who will win...
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    Good sign for Sunday?

    "Eyesore" wrote:

    How about this, "Do that dirty thing, then leave me in the morning, but respect my choice of teams" ??
    Why are we always saying the same thing but from an opposite persective :scratch:

    Besides Define "doing the dirty thing" :shock:

    leaving in the morning is no problem :silent: but just getting there is :tongue:

    respecting someones choice of teams is no problem either :-k UNLESS it is harmful to their health, mentality or well being =; and any team that dresses in puke green and baby Sh!t yellow ukeright: has a logo that proclaims they are G@Y :shock: and requires its fans / shareholders to run around with chesse on their heads, Harming the metal health of their off springs further more inviting rats and small rodents to infest the local country side hunting these chesse heads :? thus breeding the chance of Bubonic pleague :scratch:

    We would have to talk about this one, but hey :roll: at least we would have something to talk about :blackeye:

    OH ottytrain2: MaxxiPad what is funnier :lol: not sad is you :grommit: took the time to READ THE STATS :evil4:
    Yesterday is History
    Tomorrow a Mystery
    TODAY is a GIFT that is why WE
    call it the "PRESENT"

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