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    Quote Originally Posted by Marrdro View Post
    Thats what you all told me about this years class, and last years class and the class before that....
    Who told you that the draft was deep with DT and MLB in the last few years and or/that we would be taking them with a high pick?

    And to expand on that, I seem to remember you telling us:

    Childress and Spielman were building the team to be competitive for years.
    That they were assembling players who fit the "Scheme"

    That the record got worse after Tice because they had to bring in talent to fit said scheme and that it wasn't coaching that was the problem

    That TJ was going to be the long term answer at QB. (If that ended up being true they could have drafted a NT instead of a QB 2 years ago)


    So with that in mind pardon me if I take the angle that a DT will fix the defense with a grain of salt.
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    Good Look at the DT position

    We are just fine. No concerns. Same song and dance every year just like tjoke. Move on! *yawn*

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