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Heard this on local sports radio. It was an ex-Bronco saying how "We had all the pieces from the previous Super Bowl year there. We had all the weapons, except Elway, the star QB. We went 6-10".

First thought: Gawd, that could be us this year. I hope not !!

Takeaway: you can have awesome weapons, and if you don't have a stud QB, you can go 6-10. Ouch.
Let it be the Putzies instead...they are due for a letdown.
You don't think losing the super bowl and not going undefeated was enough of a let down Cajun??
Cajun got some nice sympathy sex with Brady after the SB.
Marsha Brady maybe...otherwise, nope.
But i do have it on good authority that you traveled down to Brett's farm to console him after his devastating loss to the Giants in the NFC championship game.