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Thread: Go Rams?!

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    Go Rams?!

    "Toss2Moss84" wrote:
    While I almost always enjoy MNF regardless of participants, I'm actually thinking of avoiding tonight's game because of the Favre love-in with this 200 game streak. It's gotten to the point where it's gotten sickening beyond reason. With our luck Favre's dog will get run over an hour before game time and we'll have to hear about how Favre is the most courageous man since Jesus Christ for playing despite his beloved Fido getting run over by a soccer mom leaving Starbucks.

    I thought it was bad with Elway but Favre has set new standards with the homoerotic rantings of the broadcast crew. I can hear it now after Favre throws a lameduck pass that hits 2 defenders and flukes into a receiver's hands. "OMG, did you see that? Favre knew the exact trajectory of bouncing it off the 2 linebackers' butts would result in the Packer receiver catching it for a 1st down. The guy is a mathematical genious. Move over Einstein there's a new sheriff in town and he's tough as nails".

    It's not constant cooing but the endless shots on the sideline of him picking his nose, cutting his toenails that gets rather tedious.

    Were you watching the Viking game with all the talk about Moss and his 1TD! Look in the mirror before you put more egg on your face...

    In these days, celebrating a true hero is a GOOD thing, even if it does make you jelous as fuck.
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    Go Rams?! are still a joke

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