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    Re: Give Me 6 and 10

    "whackthepack" wrote:
    "MediaLoca" wrote:
    *Runs into the thread*

    Greenway Was a horrible pick. His knees Looked weak to begin with!

    *Runs out of thread*

    You went up to Greenway before the draft and told him you wanted to look at his knees?
    Did he punch you in the head and you are still recovering?

    After he punched you in the head you looked at his knees and said this guy has weak knees!

    Is that how it went?

    Give me a frickin break!

    Greenway was the best choice and anybody that says they knew he was going to have knee problems is full of sh*t!

    He had twice as many tackles in his last year and in his whole college career as Ernie Sims, and he was a special teams demon and the Vikes took the best player that was available and injuries happen and you have to live with them.
    I'm pretty sure the comment that Greenway had weak knees from the start was sarcasm.
    At least, I hope so.
    If not, there needs to be some chlorine thrown into the gene pool.

    As far as losing out... If we lose to the Packers I will be so depressed, and I will not look forward to the Packer fans in my extended family ragging me on X-Mas Eve about how Favray swept the Vikes.
    So not cool
    :'( Just win the next game for me Vikes, pleeeaassseee?
    PM me if you'd like a sig.

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    Re: Give Me 6 and 10

    *bangs head against closest wall*

    What I want to know is how is it worse for a fan to deal with a loss whether you are there or not?
    Granted you spent money on the tickets, but either way... its hard for all of us.

    I don't care if we have the first pick or the last pick.
    None of them are a guaranteed successs in the NFL.
    So to play for a pick is just stupid.
    We aren't going to make the playoffs this year... hard to swallow sometimes, but there isn't anything we can do about except cheer for our team through thick and thin.

    There are still things to play for... pride being the main thing, but they should also play their butts off for us.
    Win or lose I always want to see them play to their best ability.
    1-15 or 16-0... you should always play like you're in the dang superbowl.

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    Re: Give Me 6 and 10

    I refuse to read 4 pages of argueing I would have to say we finish 7-9.
    We have to beat the Pukers.

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    Re: Give Me 6 and 10

    As Much as I can try to convince myself that losing is for the best, I'll still be pissed as hell if we do. and gloriously happy if we don't.

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    Re: Give Me 6 and 10

    "Del" wrote:
    "FreakinVikingsBaby" wrote:
    But its the packers-I'm freakin cringing just thinking about them. WTF is a packer anyway-god I hate them. As far as hoping for a lose out, I just can't do it. I don't think we're that bad to need high draft picks. Our run d is perfect. Our running game is fair to good. Our passing game is lacking a qb and another reliable reciever. I feel t will will progress next year . He won't be a star, but he won't be the mr. butterfingers we've seen so far this year. Our secondary is fine. I believe it could use a little tweaking to the game plan, but the personnel we have are certainly adequate. The linebackers are holding up just fine, especially with the emergence of ben leber and greenway coming back. Our pass rush is what really needs to be worked on. Erasmus coming back is a hopeful improvement-hopeful because I'm still not convinced he is all that but am convinced he has plenty of potential. We will need another pass rushing d-end unless udeze can start stepping up to the plate. Our o-line is fair and has been overly criticized. They also could use some work, especially on the right side, but I dunno how much more they will spend on an already overpaid o-line. I don't know Richardson's contract status, but if he returns next year he should improve our running game and pass protection immensly. I say with TJ starting next year, a healthy richardson, greenway, and erasmus coming back we are looking good. I think next year's success depends first and foremost on how quickly TJ develops into the QB he can be, then making sure we have a pass rush. If I were to throw some bonus sprinkles on it-I say we get a proven reciever in the offseason-not a draft pick. If we have our possesion reciever-Marcus Robinson-our speed guy-T-Will-and our second possesion reciever that we may or may not be able to get being complimented by a strong and steady running game, Travis Taylor as the 4th reciever, and better pass protection our offense will be solid. We will also need to pick up, mold, or draft somebody that will hold up the right side of the line. That is one of our lesser worries though being as TJ is right handed and will see the pass rush coming from the right side of the line.
    WTF you can tackle Jerome Bettis but you can't tackle the space bar? ;D
    LMFAO! I think I ruptured my spleen, I was laughing so hard.

    You even threw in a rare smiley.

    "If at first you don't succeed, parachuting is not for you"

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