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    Quote Originally Posted by smegmavike View Post
    Mettenberger, if his knee is ok, Garoppolo, or Boyd would all seem like good candidates for second or third round developmental QB's.
    I also favor BPA at 8, which is likely to be defense and not a QB.
    However, should Bridgewater or Bortles fall to 8, I would like to see them take the chance at QB.
    If you want Mettenberger, it looks more and more like you are going to have to draft him in the second round, his stock is rising. Garoppolo can still be had in the third and if you want Boyd you can get him in the fifth, some analysts have him going in the sixth of seventh. Boyd really hurt his stock at the Senior bowl, he was very inaccurate.

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    I heard yet another opinion piece on the top 3 QB's in this year's draft on the radio this morning. I'm in Texas so a lot of this is driven around who should the Texans pick with #1.

    The concerns always seem to come back to Manziel and Bridgewater's slight physique being a huge risk to take with an early first round draft pick. With Manziel he is criticized for not being able to go through his progressions and they see blind side hits coming in his future. Bridgewater they like as the most NFL ready, but again worry about his durability due to his slender body type. Both they see as big risks for an early first round pick.

    Bortles seems to be the only guy that they would consider as an early first round draft pick and this is largely due to his body size which they put a huge premium on. Obviously he needs to be able to make the throws, have pocket presence, progress through his reads, yada, yada, yada. But, without being a large full grown adult, the risk factor is too high for many talent evaluators it appears.

    Bortles also gets criticized for being a one read guy like Manziel.

    My guess is that MN maybe covets one of these three, but probably not two of them. Which one I have no idea as they are three different talents. If that one guy is available at #8 or can be reached at a reasonable cost than they will roll the dice, but more than likely they will be content to take BPA and look at a QB in the second.

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    Quote Originally Posted by purpleblood32 View Post
    with the 8th pick the top 4 qbs can be gone bortles, bridgewater, manziel and carr
    leaving garroppolo McCarron and one is going to trade up to 8th pick because the draft is deep at all position...look at mock drafts every team will be able to fill a need where they stand except us .all depends on how important a qb is to zim and the vikes moving up to 2nd pick may be our only option ...we will be giving up to much need all our pick ...sooo free agency is where we find a qb .
    Quote Originally Posted by kevoncox View Post
    Only problem is he isn't a good QB. He has done nothing his entire career. In fact I wager 6 months ago you had never heard of him. He is media created.
    If the 7 teams picking before us take 4 QBs, the #8 pick is GOLD. There are 3-4 top 5 defensive players plus 2 top 5 OTs sitting there for the taking... a LOT of teams will want our pick!

    As for Bortles, I find it hard to believe all the interest he received at the combine came from the media, not the teams who were drooling over him. The problem I see with him is he "looks" the part, more than any other top QB. Ryan Leaf had a million dollar look too, so much so everyone over-looked all the signs that he had a 10 cent head.

    I haven't heard anything to change my mind, so I still expect the Vikings to take Manziel or Bortles; if they are gone, we will take the top defensive player or trade back for more picks.
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    None of the QBs predicted to be taken in the first 10 picks are legit talents at that high of pick. The dire need for QBs is pushing them up that high, not their talent. Until we can stop teams from putting 30 points a game on us it doesn't matter who our QB is. Use the 8th pick on defense and go after a QB later. Cassel is still a solid enough QB to keep us from getting run off the field. He will have good weapons on offense and not have to do it himself.

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