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    Re: Getting a bit more optimistic for the Washington game...

    "VAKirks" wrote:
    We better go 1-0.
    My new neighbor is a big Redskins fan. We've already got our flags up and flying.
    I've been invited to the enemy's den to watch the game.
    I prefer a 30-10 blowout for the Vikes with nothing left to say.

    I think BJ will manage the game well and strike hard when opportunity knocks.
    His blindside is protected well.

    Our front four will pressure and let the backs play back.

    let's go Vikes, I can't wait much longer!!
    I know what you mean! I have a friend that was raised in MN but lives in MD and she is a Skins fan! Traitor!!

    I will be at the game (if I can find a parking spot.
    ;D) But I always know they will beat the Skins, and I haven't been disappointed very often!
    We'll win...[size=16pt]Go Vikes!![/size]
    [move]"Our day WILL come!! I just hope I LIVE long enough to see it!"[/move]

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    Re: Getting a bit more optimistic for the Washington game...

    "olson_10" wrote:
    "NodakPaul" wrote:
    when didnt we stand a chance against them??

    Well, I still don't think the game is in the bag.
    And If you want to believe the odds makers the Skins are favored by 6.
    When I made my predictions at the beginning of the season, I had the Washington Game chalked up as a loss.
    Season opener on MNF in Washington on Sept 11th... the skins have a lot to play for.

    But I really think we can take them now.
    Our defense should be able to shut their offense down.
    Their defense will probably do the same to ours, but the one thing you can count on with BJ is no mistakes and consistency.
    We may not put many points on the board, but we will put some up, which is more than I think the skins will be able to do...
    lol i know what you mean man, it certainly isnt in the bag for us, but i thought all along that we would certainly have as good a chance as they do to win this game..our defence can win us a ton of ball games this year, and as long as we can take their passing game completely away from them, an unhealthy clinton portis will struggle to carry their team all game long as we hold them to 10-14 pts, Brad will be able to get us ahead..this is sort of how i see our entire season going, with the offense only needing to score 17-20 points to win most ball games
    More than putting a certain amount of points up to alleviate the pressure on the defense, how about taking time off the clock. Clock Managment will be our ally this year I think. Our slow, methodical marches down the field really rest up our defense. Making them that much more dominant with fresher legs. Muhahaha
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    Re: Getting a bit more optimistic for the Washington game...

    Who do you guys reckon Childress will want to cover Santana Moss? Winfield or Smoot?

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    Re: Getting a bit more optimistic for the Washington game...

    Our offense is better than theirs, but their defense is good enough to compensate for that (by shutting down our offense). Special Teams will probably be the key because I think a field goal will determine the winner.
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    Re: Getting a bit more optimistic for the Washington game...

    I think we are going to suprise a number of people and teams out there this up coming season. I would have to say though, this will be a tough game for us, but it is a game we can win....

    With all our changes going on, one change I'de really like to see is us becoming a force on THE ROAD.....Something we really haven't been in a long time...

    Very Good teams do just that, they can win on the road as much as they win at home......We really need to be able to do that.
    I'm thinking with this D and a solid mistake free O, we can become road warriors also......

    Would sure be nice to make that statement in DC on opening night.....But it will be a tough place to walk into for sure.....


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    Re: Getting a bit more optimistic for the Washington game...

    Haven't we all learned by now that with the parity found in the NFL nowadays it's virtually impossible to accurately predict which teams will succeed before the season begins. Do I really need to remind you that many NFL Professional analysts had us going to the SB last year and the Bears being the bottom feeders of the League?

    Who picked the Steelers and Seachickens to goto the SB?

    All we can say for sure is that we made some upgrades that should help us on the field and we lost some key parts that may or may not hurt us. I think we have a chance to win every game we play though and, IMHO, that should be the mindset of every Viking fan out there.
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