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Thread: Get rid of BJ!

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    Del Rio Guest

    Re: Get rid of BJ!

    "PurpleRide" wrote:
    "Del" wrote:
    The funny thing about all these people crying about Brad Johnson is that no matter who you put into the scheme the results are likely going to be the same.

    Brad doesn't tell all his WR's to run short routes in the huddle. It is by design it comes from the coaching.

    Putting Tavaris Jackson into the scheme isn't going to "open" it up. The team is young, the coaching is new, the faces are new, the scheme is new. So please for the love of god STFU already about Brad Johnson.

    These kinds of people seriously need rent them a good "jaws of life" cram it in their donkey butts and turn the knob to head extraction. The best part is if we did put the glass man "meow" boy in there, and he struggled these numbnuts would be fine with it. They would make up excuse after excuse for his poor play.

    That's what sad this isn't about what is best for the team, this is about what is best for YOU. Who gives a flying racoon of a fricken pooh if we win our games with defense? You motherfuckers want it all, you want the 1998 offense and the 60's 70's D. We have 22 guys on our team, the team wins and the team loses, period.

    How stupid are you going to look if we win a super bowl with DEFENSE and your sitting there bitching about the QB? A win is a win.
    They do run deep passes, johnson checks down.
    A few sports writers and radio anouncers in the twin cities have pointed this out. (And if anyone calls out Dan Barreiro, Paul Allen, or Dubay as not knowing football, they are retarted) He does not have confidence in his own deep ball.
    Teams do need to complete a few deep passes(over 20 yards) to keep the D from having eight in the box.
    Against the lions, brad only completed a few passes over 10 yards, that is not good, that was his choice to settle for short passes.
    Anyone notice over in philly, McNabb is having a nice year with no WR
    He throws deeper then most people think. I'm working on the numbers now. One problem is no one can catch the damn ball, he can hit Troy Williamson 30 yards down the field and he drops it.

    In order for us to keep attempting the deep ball we need someone to step up and consistently catch that thing. Right now our whole offense is a field position offense if we waste a deep pass on an incompletion that kills.

    I wouldn't say they do not know football, but I guarantee they do not know why Brad is doing what he is doing. No one does. Maybe it is on Brad, but I have a feeling coaching is behind almost everything he does. Bringing that belief to the table I can't see anyone else doing any better until the philosophy changes.

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    Re: Get rid of BJ!

    i got as far as page 7 before i couldn't take anymore of this terrible thread full of garbage. from both sides of the argument.

    to start anyone else the BJ now is ridiculous:

    A)because we are winning and B) because he is our best option.

    we hear alot about the culpepper groupies(and now apparently the TJ/Bollinger groupies) and how dillusional they are but the BJ groupies are just as annoying and dillusional.

    i guess we are gonna have to get use to these types of threads because its bye week and not much else to talk about.

    lets just see it for what it is. we are 3-2 going into the bye. we don't need change, we just need to keep on working to improve, and keep this thing going.

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    Del Rio Guest

    Re: Get rid of BJ!

    What's funny about defending Brad is most people that do admit he is not a huge playmaker, he is not the best in the world, he is not playing well all the time even as of late,

    Somehow by merely defending the guy from ignorant attacks that come from the depths of asshatville is you are a groupie of Brad. Not saying your labeling it that way, but it happens.

    There is a difference between putting a thought together, showing a few facts and presenting an idea, and pulling shit out of space that has no bearing with reality to try and kick dirt on the QB. If someone managed to make a thread about Brad and his problems in a constructive way I think you may get some good dialogue, but threads that start with GET RID OF BJ!! Sort of polarize the subject right off the bat when it becomes apparent your dealing with extreemists, you counter in a similar manner, why waste your time trying to put together a good post when it is going to pass through the eyes and through the brain without one word registering?

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    Prophet Guest

    Re: Get rid of BJ!

    What this thread really needs is a divergence from the topic into politics, religion or pornography so it will locked down.
    Just reading this thread gives me chronic pain.

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