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Thread: Get over it!

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    Get over it!

    If you are offended by Randy Moss's TD celebration, get over it! Do you ever watch TV? Do you see the sex in all the commercials and shows? Howard Stern? It is in our everyday lives. It is a part of the American way of life. I am not saying I agree with all the sex and profanity, but if you compare what Moss did to other things we view, it is not that bad.
    To the Pack fans: If Walker or Favre did it, you guys would be in awe. Maybe even make a T-shirt of it.

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    Get over it!

    I think at this point anyone who has a problem with it is just plain sad and needs to post in the "No one wants to hear your gol darnit crap anymore" folder.

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    Get over it!

    It would read, " We all know Brett Favre is a true warrior and escpecially gifted football player, but we can now safely say he is a comedian as well - what a guy."

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    Get over it!

    POSTED 8:35 a.m. EST, January 10, 2005


    Could someone, anyone please 'splain to us the brouhaha that has erupted over Randy Moss' faux mooning of the folks in the end zone seats at the place which should be known from this day forward as Lambutt Field?

    Frankly, we were shocked by Joe Buck's holier-than-thou reaction to the move, and in hindsight (pun intended) we think Buck believed that Moss actually dropped trou and gave the Cheeseheads a glimpse at what Randy had eaten on Friday night.

    (It's ironic, of course, that Buck would have anything negative to say about Moss' antics after coming off as a flaming metrosexual -- at best -- in those Budweiser ads with the fictional football turd "Leon".)

    In our view, the moon move was no big deal. And as the loyal readers of this here site know, we rarely have defended the aforementioned Mr. Moss. He didn't actually show his butt, and he didn't wave to the crowd with one finger a la Jake the Fake.

    Given that Moss was hounded relentlessly by the Lambutt faithful prior to and during the game for Moss' ill-advised early exit from FedEx Field one week prior, his reaction was relatively mild, especially in comparison to some of the slurs and obscenities that surely were hurled his way.

    Still, the NFL likely will slap Moss with a five-figure fine, fueled by the fact that the media (starting with Mr. Buck) has been crying incessantly about the routine. And, actually, that might be a good thing for Moss and the Vikings, since Randy needs to have that oversized chip on his shoulder in order to coax from himself the highest levels of performance.

    Now that Moss has raised (or, in the view of some, lowered) the bar for touchdown celebrations, here's a quick list of the touchdown celebrations that might happen in the future as NFL players continue to try to show each other up:

    1. Player holds ball behind his back, grunts audibly, and then slowly lowers ball until dropping it onto the ground.

    2. Player gets on all fours and raises leg at goalpost.

    3. Player actually moons crowd.

    4. Player grabs female fan out of stands and they tango on the field.

    5. Player actually poops on the field.

    6. Player leaps into seats, climbs over rail, and actually leaves building.

    7. Player actually pees on field.

    8. Player grabs female fan out of the stands and they tango on the field . . . and then dance.



    On a day when the media's venom primarily, if not exclusively, has been directed at Vikings receiver Randy Moss, we continue to be amazed by the failure of the guys on Fox -- or anyone else, for that matter -- to call it like it be when it comes to Brett Favre's performance on Sunday.

    As we suggested right here on Sunday afternoon, the Vikes would have a chance to win if they put bodies on Brett. They did.

    He got rattled. When rattled, he started throwing the ball to the guys in the white shirts.

    Four picks. A fifth one (which actually looked like a clean catch and then a fumble) was dropped.

    Yet even with those four picks, the play that made Favre look at once like a greenhorn and an old man was his second-quarter scramble toward the goal line. At first, it looked like Favre easily would get a first down on the Minnesota two. But as the Vikings defenders quickly converged on Favre and his 35-year-old wheels, he realized that there was only one was to get to the sticks -- by giving up his body and diving for the yellow line.

    He didn't.

    And lest there be any confusion, Brett Favre at 35 declined the opportunity to show the same heart as John Elway at 37, when in an effort to get a first down he took the hit and got spun against Favre's Packers in a postseason game that a few of you might recall.

    Favre, in contrast, relied on a sandlot-style, no-look, please-don't-hurt-me underhand flip into an area where players from both teams were standing. Although Packers receiver Javon Walker caught the ball, the whole thing could have turned even uglier if a fleet-footed Viking had nabbed the ball and headed the other way.

    So was Favre properly criticized for this bone-headed, pussy-footed move? Hell, no. Sure, the guys on Fox yukked it up about the whole thing, and Cris Collinsworth was tempted to show off his come-and-go Cosellian tendencies -- but Cris stopped short.

    We won't. If this is the kind of crap that the great and powerful Favre is going to pull in a playoff game against the Packers' arch-rivals in their first meeting ever in the postseason, then it is time for Brett to call it a career.


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    Get over it!

    i thought it was the best end zone celebration for what it means. all the crap that the pack nation has given randy, he wiped his butt on all of them. and he was slamming them afterwards too. love it. "they better talk about that "W" up there in lambeau". love it. moss is a genius!!! lol

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    Get over it!

    Yeah Brett takes a swing and Joe Buck doesn't say a word about it..... Slama lama ding dong :roll:

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