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    Re: Garbage to get rid of next year

    I dont think chavous is the best...but i dont think hes trash. If we can pick someone up next year better then ok thats fine. But if we dont, im fine, I like him. I think he is a solid saftey.

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    Re: Garbage to get rid of next year

    "Del Rio" wrote:
    [size=18px]Corey Chavous- Need I say more, the name just sounds dejecting.[/size]

    He could have just been messing around. Then again it could have just been his opinion.

    I have no beef with anyone who doesn't like the guy. But for craps sake the angle of he can't hit, he doesn't have a nose for the ball is so tired and so untrue that it just hurts to discuss.
    Amen to that.
    I am so sick of people saying this when he clearly gets a decent amount of tackles and gets involved in a lot of plays. If you want to say he cant cover, that is fine, though I think that is untrue too considering most he has to cover is normally a slot or TE. I thin Chavous is fine and the people who complain back it up with very little.

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