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    I couldn't sleep much last night (too excited for the big game).

    Regarding the game...I hope we come out playing on all cylinders, put the ball up early and often, make atleast a couple defensive stops here and there, don't turn the ball over and keep the penalties to a minimum.

    We need to play at our best.

    We should also try to get into favre's face as often as possible to incourage him to make a few of those infamous lame duck passes for an INT here and there.

    And it would also be nice to see our guys get to the hillbilly wonder boy throughout the game. I'd like to see Kevin Williams slap him around a bit.

    Good luck everyone, let's come out on top this time. Go Vikings!!!
    Even babies know the difference.

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    i concur!
    "The pen is mightier than the sword"

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    The O-line of the Packers has given up near record low sack numbers this year. I doubt that farve will spend a lot of time rushing for negative yardage (sacked).

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    hillbilly wonder boy....That's hilarious, because that's how the media potrays
    If you keep on doing what you ve done, your gonna keep on getting what you got.

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