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    Re: Gameball week 17 vs Giants

    Bobby Wade. Did it when it needed doing.

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    Re: Gameball week 17 vs Giants

    "mblack76" wrote:
    "Vikeman" wrote:
    "mblack76" wrote:
    "Vikeman" wrote:
    "midgensa" wrote:
    [quote author=Vikeman link=topic=49822.msg886253#msg886253 date=1230511674]
    I sure hope the 2 who voted for "someone else" were not voting for Chilly.
    He is freakn' dilusional!!!
    He actually stated at the post game press conference tha "We played with the BEST today".
    He shows more and more why he shouldn't be an NFL head coach.
    If the Giants starters had played the whole game, there is no way the Vikes would have won today.
    They beat back-ups and scruffs...and the Vikes BARELY beat them!!!
    Wow ... a negative post from you?
    : Go figure.

    Lets be real here. There are 12 teams in the playoffs 20 at home. Chilly cannot be all that bad. This is his system, his players, his coaching and in three years he has taking us back to the playoffs as Division Champs (something we have not done since the Green years).
    You can scoff all you like, but he got the job done. We only lost ONE game this season we were favored (the Falcons) and we won two where we were underdogs (Saints and Cardinals) and won one where it was a pcik em (Jacksonville). So it is not like he is losing games he is "supposed" to win.
    I know we all think that we should win everyone, but clearly, that does not happen in this league.
    Back ups and scruffs is a little inaccurate as well as Ward and Tuck were both in the game until deep into the third quarter or early fourth. Outside of Eli, they really did not pull back until the end of the third and Carr was better than Manning today anyways.
    There is no reason to bag on anything here.
    What you call negativity I call objectivity, which IMO, is seriously lacking in today's media, but should be a requirement.
    Most really good NFL coaching staffs would salivate and "lick their chops" when they were gifted the opportunity to face a BACK-UP QB for the entire 2nd half of a "win-and-in" HOME playoff game.
    This coaching staff clearly lacks that ability and character!
    David Carr looked like Joe freakn' Montana.
    And if you really believe that that was actually the Giants starting "D" on the field for that game-winning drive, well nothing more needs to be said about that.

    As much as I'd like to be wrong on this, I firmly believe the Eagles will expose this coaching staff, TJack's lack of experience, as well as the defense.
    They won all of 6 games last year and came into the Dome and DOMINATED the entire game.
    The FACT is the Vikes have never beaten D. McNabb...NEVER!!!

    Jimmy Johnson vs. TJack.
    This guy has made a living exposing QB inexperience.

    D. Mcnabb vs. the Vikes "D".
    The Vikes ALWAYS struggle vs. mobile QBs.

    B. Childress vs. A. Reid.
    Ther is no comparison in regards to records, abilities and playoff experience.

    BTW, last Feb. 18, 2008, the New Hampshire Union Leader (also known to locals as the Union Mis-Leader) published a 1/3 page op-ed piece authored by moi titled, "Pats fans learn to eat crow, with a side of humble pie!"
    Back in Sept. and Oct. of 2007 when the Pats wer feasting on what amounted to Div. 1A college competition and EVERYONE here was printing SB championship tickets and merchandise, I tried to warn them that they might just be doing this a little prematurely.
    In the article I stated that in today's NFL with INJURIES, impact free-agency signings (See: Chad Pennington, etc.) and impact rookie signings (See: AD), NFL championships are not about peaking in Sept. or Oct. (See 2007 Pats, 2008 Giants), they are so much more about peaking in Nov. or Dec. (See: 2000 Ravens, 2002 Bucs, 2005 Steelers, 2007 Giants, 2008 Chargers, Colts, Eagles, Vikes etc.)

    Even after the Pats got their come-uppance in the SB, EACH and EVERY Boston sports media personality were giving 100% guarantees that the Pats could not possibly finish out of first place in the AFC east this season...especially not lose out to the 1-15 Dolphins!!!
    In this op-ed piece, I stated quote, "Just like 6 of the last 7 SB losers did NOT make the playoffs the following season, the Pats probably won't make in 2008, either!!!"

    Don't you know the response was immensly against my opinion.
    (You can look it up on thier website archives.)
    One gentleman who works for, who just happens to live in the same town as I, went on a rant and called me out as a fraud and ended his diatribe with, "See you around town"!!!
    The local Boston sports media OBVIOUSLY does NOT comprehend the intracacies of today's NFL.

    You can bet your bottom dollar this guy, as well as the New Hampshire Union Mis-Leader is going to be hearing from Vikeman today!!!

    And BTW, all you Brady loving doubters had better check the latest reports from yesterday on the staus of Brady's seriouly injured knee!
    Although this could be just more of the cheating, conniving, unsportsmen-like deceptive practices from that you-know-what Bill Bellichick.
    Vikeman knows his stuff!!!
    You'll figure it out someday.

    Not like it has any meaning but the bold statement above is just silly )I am sorry to say). Question for you, has Eli Manning ever beaten the Vikings?
    The Vikes are NOT facing Eli Manning this coming week.
    In order to get another shot at Eli, the Vikes MUST beat McNabb first (who they NEVER have beaten), and then go to Carolina and beat them in their house.
    It is very difficult eo beat the same team twice in one season. (See: 2007 Pats-Giants)
    Although, the Vikes seem to have no trouble beating the cowardly Lions twice each season...but not easily, mind you.
    You don't seem to get it. No two games are the same. You sure love selective perception. You quote 2007 Pats Vs Giants, do I need to cite examples that teams have beaten others twice in one season (excluding the Loins)? Or even three times?
    I know all the cliches are nice to use but its a game at a time pal. I am not saying the Vikings will win but your examples above don't make a case for you.
    I used the Eli example to dismiss your point that the Vikings have never beaten McNabb (which like I said is a weak statement when putting forth reasons a team would beat another). Eli has never beaten the Vikes yet when they came here yesterday most (the media and analysts) picked them to beat the Vikings. Why didn't they say the Vikings will win cos Eli has never beaten the Vikings? Get the drift?

    I have many valid points.
    You have just made one , as well.
    I believe there is limited history of teams beating another team three times in one season.
    (I know the Vikes and Eagles did not play this year, just referring to your point.)
    I will be shocked if the Eagles win this game by any les than ten points.
    Mind you, as a Vikes fan, I would be happy to be wrong.
    At the very least, Jim Johnson will expose TJack, as well as that "offensive guru" Brad Childress.
    A good friend will help you move...a best friend will help you move a body.

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    Re: Gameball week 17 vs Giants

    I waited but haven't seen anything on it yet so I will bring it up now.........

    Were is the love for the Shanc and his "Wiggo" impersonation?
    Damn cat looked like a "High Hurdler" and you damn Wiggens fans still hating on the guy..........

    Man I love this site....... ;D
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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    Re: Gameball week 17 vs Giants

    Yes, Shanks should probably get some love. I'm not the best guy for it, though. I hated on him early in the season with all of his un-timely drops, and even called for his removal. He got it together and starting playing well, and of course, I'm all for that. Then (sob) he has his career game last week when my fantasy league opponent had him in his line-up. I lost the Super Bowl by one point (the Vikings D also screwed me, as they are my D). If we had beat the Falcons ( a team I am beginning to hate), I'd of been OK losing that $1000.00. Of course, I will always sacrifice my fantasy team for my real team; but damn, why couldn't he play like that all year? I'll get over it. Go Shanks!

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    Re: Gameball week 17 vs Giants

    "Marrdro" wrote:
    I waited but haven't seen anything on it yet so I will bring it up now.........

    Were is the love for the Shanc and his "Wiggo" impersonation?
    gol 'darnit cat looked like a "High Hurdler" and you gol 'darnit Wiggens fans still hating on the guy..........

    Man I love this site....... ;D
    Shank-Daddy rocked yesterday.

    He's a top 5 TE in the NFL
    I've been a Viking fan since I was just out of diapers, hopefully we get Super Bowl win before I go back in 'em.

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    Re: Gameball week 17 vs Giants

    im going with BB. he made some good catches when we needed them. not just the touchdown but some sideline grabs.

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    Re: Gameball week 17 vs Giants

    I had to go with Longwell, he got the job done even after the clock management could have been better managed by the ballboy.
    Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please. Mark Twain

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