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    Gameball vs Bears

    Honorable Mentions: Longwell, Henderson


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    Re: Gameball vs Bears

    "skum" wrote:
    Honorable Mentions: Longwell, Henderson

    This is one game where the game ball goes to one player, hands down, and that is AD......

    What a great game he had.
    And the nice thing is, it wan't any fluke, we are going to be treated to many more of these I believe...

    Longwll, Henderson, and Nakedness.......All get honorable mentions....

    I'de also like to say, the O line played with alot of heart today and it showed.......


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    Re: Gameball vs Bears

    definately AD
    but TJACK showed that he can adjust
    not saying he should get game ball

    there were a lot of dropped passes that should have been caught.
    he would have had a lot of more completions and yards
    0 INT's is huge

    good game overall

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    Re: Gameball vs Bears

    AD was the man no doubt about it.T Jack made a great job with some intersting deep passes and 0 picks.Longwell was great with that far kick,a great great game to watch,Cowboys,who?
    El underdog.

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    Re: Gameball vs Bears

    AD gets the game ball.
    TJack dd well with no TO.
    The O line did a good job opening holes and keeping TJack upright.
    But overall, it would have to go to AD.

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    Re: Gameball vs Bears

    I have to agree Peterson gets the game ball for sure.
    Ther kid is incredible!
    Nice return to spring the kick by Longwell.
    Also kudos go to longwell for nailing that kick chicago, historically is a difficult place to kick long ones.

    I am an avid Viking fan, but also am an avid restoration guy of vintage Mopar(Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth)B bodies

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    Re: Gameball vs Bears

    It has to go to Peterson no matter what but there was some good honorable mentions.

    Henderson- Disgusting hits today. He's playing at his best right now.. seems like he was in on every play.

    Leber- Great in coverage and had a huge sack untouched on Griese. Pretty good game for him.

    O-line- I only remember one penalty from them and it was on cook. We didn't pass much but I don't recall a single sack on Tarvaris. The left side played great (Peterson got something like 190 of his yards running behind them).

    Worst unit?- Wide receivers. Man... we could have had a LOT better of a game if Rice, Wade, and Williamson hadn't dropped so many passes.

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    Re: Gameball vs Bears

    he broke rushing records
    228 rushing yards 3TD's

    he literaly BLASTED th e bears

    and cause of him we WON..

    he saved the day constantly.. CT was a great change of pace, tjack had his best game!!

    our D stood up when realllly needed in the first half.. kinda slacked in the last 10 min. i think they were celebrating a bit.

    but all in all.

    if it's not a team ball.. it's AP's ball!


    "We tried to stick with it, but there was a point where we were beating our head against a wall," Seattle Coach Mora talking about running at the Williams Wall

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    Re: Gameball vs Bears

    AP all the way. Chester and the O-line honorable mention.

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    Re: Gameball vs Bears

    AD for sure, however......

    OL blocked well today.
    He wouldn't have got those yards alone.

    CT spelled him at the right times.
    No way he breaks those long ones on tired lets.

    Passing game was effective enough to keep the Bores guessing.
    See what he can do when he doesn't have to face 53 man fronts.

    Coaching staff for having a pretty damn good gameplan (minus the going brain dead at the end).
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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