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Thread: Game thoughts

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    Game thoughts

    If DC is holding onto the ball, the WRs are not open. They had tight coverage most of the day. Robinson was the only guy I remember being open by much at all and that was a TD.

    Where is the dump to the RB like we were doing when being blitzed earlier in the season? We have had the tendency to keep the RBs in to block instead of releasing them. The injuries and play on the line have dictated this decision to keep the RBs in for help.

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    Del Rio Guest

    Game thoughts

    I highly doubt you could pick plays where it was DC's fault for holding the ball too long. You probably can't because you can't see the recievers. That is why that is a good D they disguise the blitz they bring corners safteys they stunt they fake like they blitz then drop into man/zone coverage. It's the coaches fault, its the OC fault. Unless you want pepper to throw another pick.

    The whole 3rd and 17 you can give up 16 is true but not wise. Why?? Why give up one yard? It's not sound to pretend you have a 16 yard cushion. Because at that point of impact with one yard to go who on our team is going to have the desire and drive to make the stop? No one.
    When it gets down to 1 yard left on that huge chunk it is a matter of who wants it more. Bring the heat, force them to make a huge mistake. Force them to make an amazing play. We were forced to make some amazing plays on offense that would be super highlight films if we won. But the fact is if you are forced to make those plays you are hurting, because not many people are capable of doing so. And no one can do it with consistency.

    I'm sorry but Cottrell is not the man for the job IMO.

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    Game thoughts

    Like I said Del Rio, if you have players who can read the play while it is occuring then giving a 10 yard cuhion on 3rd and 16 is not always a bad idea. However when you have player who let people run by them and/or can't tackle for the life of them it usually isn't that great.

    I m like a Ja Rule poster, cause I'm off the wall.

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    Game thoughts

    Ah I missed your 10 yard cushion comment. No grief from me I just am not a supporter of cushy D.

    And awareness is key.

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    Game thoughts

    facts are that cottrell was fired because the jets D was awful last year, and now they are at the top again. linehan was fired from the raiders a couple of years or so ago and dont quote me on this he didnt have a job until tice or whoever called. they suck and they are not going to get any better. like i said, coaches coach..........and i am not sure if i would even call them coaches.

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