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    Game plan with roster changes.

    Due to the recent suspension of Phat Pat and Kevin, and the loss of Robison to injury, how do you feel the Vikings should approach their final four games?

    Personally, I feel that the Vikings are actually built to absorb this loss better than most teams out there.

    Obviously, the defensive line and defense have taken tremendous hits.
    The way to counter, or at least minimize this, would appear to be controlling the clock while on offense, not leaving the defense out on the field to be exposed a lot.
    Essentially, I think the Vikings would be well served to continue their current approach, which is a heavy dose of Peterson and Taylor.
    Grind the opposition down with our offensive line and rushing attack, and try to keep the defense off the field.

    Without our starting middle linebacker and two defensive tackles, I'd expect us to cheat a safety up to the line to assist with run support against he opposition that can run the ball.
    It may not effect us so much against, say, the Cardinals...but the Giants?
    Yeah, we'll need to stack the box and just rely upon our cornerbacks to hold it down.

    Do any of you have suggestions?

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    Re: Game plan with roster changes.

    Before this suspension happen, I thought we had big chances to make the playoffs. Now, I think our chances are small. We lost our middle linebacker AND our two defensive tackles, which will most likely make it MUCH easier to run on us. I bet a 1000 $ that by the end of the season our run defense will no longer be ranking 2nd.

    What is the best solution to our loss of the interior defensive linemen.
    I would think that the best options would be Fred Evans and Ellis Wyms. I don't know if he's still on the roster, but maybe the rookie Letroy Guion may play DT too (update: Guion is injured too
    ). I also expect us to sign a free agent, but I have no idea who we're gonna sign?

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    Re: Game plan with roster changes.

    I agree with Ranger, we must run the ball even more control the clock, and Frazier is really going to have to mix it up. Atlanta and the Giants are going to run up the gut, so we must bend, but not break, mix in run blitzes and hopefully not let anybody behind us in single coverage when we put a safety in the box. Really just have to mix it up, and not crumble to play-action. Maybe play more of the "Big Nickle" package on second, third and long and move Tyrell around the line of scrimmage. We really just gotta' get our "Big Boy Pads" on and buck up.

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    Re: Game plan with roster changes.

    Frazier will introduce a new scheme this week that will be totally unexpected similar to the way the Wildcat is being used offensively. And they will open up the passing game on offense to score more points than we have been lately. The result will be a team that is focused and on it's way to the SB.

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    Re: Game plan with roster changes.

    we're gonna have to stuff one of the lb'rs constantly in the mix to stop the run.. this could hurt us vs's dakitties as they like the pass..

    i'm not as worried here.. but i hope we get BRob back before atlanta..

    "We tried to stick with it, but there was a point where we were beating our head against a wall," Seattle Coach Mora talking about running at the Williams Wall

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    Re: Game plan with roster changes.

    I think we should dive at the opposing QB's legs. Then on another play, when it's over, run about 8 or 9 steps and then smack the quarterback really hard.

    When we throw a deep ball, have the wide receiver just mug the cornerback, then catch the ball and score.

    Oh wait. That stuff is only allowed for teams OPPOSING the Vikings. Ah yes. Nevermind.

    Go Vikings!

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    Re: Game plan with roster changes.

    We will have to wait and see what happens. If in fact the Williams's Wall infact challenge this in court then they may only be lost for a week or two (ideal). If they lose their case then we lose them for two games next year. We have a ball control offense that has been playing well as of late. In reality we really only need to win two of our next four to get in. That is presuming that the bears will lose one of their next four, and regardless of whether the Pukers win out, we have the tie breakers. So in reality, take out the Lions game, which should be a win, and then we have to beat one other team. I think that is a very plausible situation. We will have to wait and see what happens though

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