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    game plan for da bears

    forget the eagles game it is done time to move on

    for the bears game next week what the team needs to do
    1.get the offense line to block
    2.get a good soild running game
    3.throw it deep a couple times a half
    4.defense has got to get some pressure on rex
    5.db's got to play on the wr's not 12 yards off the ball
    6.convert in redzone
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    game plan for da bears

    As long as it's nothing like last year's game plan against the Bears at the end of the year, we should be fine.

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    game plan for da bears

    Ya we cant go conservative like we did last year when we scored only 10 points. I think we can score a lot since one were at home and two we can fix all these mistakes that we had against the eagles.

    We should get a boost when mixon, bennett and williams come back. Kleinny was sorely missed last night. :cry:
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