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    Game By Game Take on the Season - Thoughts?

    It's too early to make any predictions that will "count". A lot of things will become clearer during training camp and the preseason. Injuries will occur, rookies will demonstrate how fast they are coming up to speed, depth at critical spots will be determined.

    At my first glance, I'd say that losses on the road to Philly, Indy, GB, and either Detroit or Chicago seem reasonably likely. I'd also expect a loss or two at home...Tennessee and Seattle seem to be the most likely suspects (despite the Giants "having our number" in the last few years). A loss outdoors to the Redskins also seems like a possibility. That's only a 10-6 record, not all that impressive.

    On the other hand, I think the Vikings have a great chance to beat Philly on the road in week 2. Detroit and Chicago are both still rebuilding, and if Tice and Co. learned anything from last season, it should be that they MUST beat inferior teams, whether it be on the road or at home. Washington has appeared to have talent before in recent years, but can't seem to put it all together. If the Redskins are in the playoff hunt, it will be a tough game, otherwise they may roll over. Tennessee may be a little on the decline with some overhauling to their DL and a suspect running game. And we whipped Seattle last year. I still see the road games against the Colts and Packers as losses, so 14-2 is also possible.

    My real gut feel says the Vikings are good enough to be somewhere in between those two figures...somewhere in the 11-5 to 13-3 range.

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    Game By Game Take on the Season - Thoughts?

    We'll split with the Pack. And probably with either Chicago or Detroit. We'll sweep the other one. 4-2 in our division. I think Philly early on the road is a loss We will continue to embarrass ourselves against the Gints.... again The Redskins are gonna be much to do about nothing as per usual, and we'll be in disarray by seasons end like always. Will need that win for playoff position and they'll be out of it in a tough NFC east. Cowgirls are a joke, and they'll get blown out opening day. 2-2 vs the NFC East As far as the rest of it, Houston we obviously should win, just flat out better. I like our odds against the Titans in the dome. Ive always felt that Eddie George is the most overrated half back ever. (ok except for Emmit) Nobody has ever gotten so much ink and toted around a 2.9 YPC average. Another one is McNair, I mean he's good but not MVP good. I just dont know what the press sees in him. Anyways, we'll beat the Titans. We might have a let down against the Jags, not sure where that teams is headin. But I'll give the nod to the Vikes at home. Holmgren couldn’t win in the dome with the Pack and wont do it with the Seahawks either, win. Count the Saints as a loss, just b/c we don’t play well away from home. Goofy sh!t will happen and we'll lose a close one. I think we'll beat Indy, we always seem to do well in the shootouts (except for St Louis). So yes, I also come up with 11-5. So it has been written...

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