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    Game ball goes to the DEFENSE?

    Wow, that just doesn't sound right does it? But from watching the game they were the true difference in this game. They got pressure up the middle and the LB's actually covered recievers and Tight ends! I don't know about you guys, but I was totally impressed with thier performance. On the Defense I don't think that you could name one weak link for the game? All phases were looking strong. I really hope that they work as hard next week against Philly as they did this week, because if they can play another game like that we are in the NFC Championchip for a little revenge against them "Dirty Birds". How sweet does that sound?

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    Man I felt like I was watching a different team today, a team I knew was there the whole time but just hadn't shown up in the past few weeks. But our defense definitley stepped up and they sure picked a good time to do it. And yea revenge against the dirty birds would be SWEET!!

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    Game ball goes to the DEFENSE?

    Definitly, they played very well. I want to give a shout out (props) to Darrion Scott who i thought played smart football today. Willie Offord for coming in for the first time in 2 and a half years and causing two fumbles on crunching hits. Winfield comes back from injury with a pick and eleven tackles. Cris Claborne also did really well today, as he has for the last 6 games, when hes healthy he's great. B Will also had a very nice game, i seen him in on some nice tackles, batted away two or three balls, one that was volley balled to Brown. Then he had his pic too. Good game to those guys, they really stepped it up and made it happen.

    Oh yeah and Dontarius Thomas showed me some fuil for the future, he was an animal today, wow hes got speed!

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    Game ball goes to the DEFENSE?

    Been a long time coming,but they deserve it after today's performance.
    On to Philly!!

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    Game ball goes to the DEFENSE?

    Isn't it weird that we scored exactly 31 points AGAIN against the pack? But yes, this time our D stepped up and knocked it outta the park!!! What a game, and what a great time to have one of their best games all season!!! SKOL VIKES!!
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    Game ball goes to the DEFENSE?

    Like Tice said, that was the smartest football played by the defense all year.
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    Game ball goes to the DEFENSE?

    It sure helped having a 14 point lead.

    They need to continue to play like we have the lead in the game even if we don't. It helps them stay loose.

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    Game ball goes to the DEFENSE?

    The defense has been showing signs of improvement all year. All the little things seem to improve and some big plays have been made the last few weeks.

    The only difference here was pure attitude. Something I have found hard to achieve. That's why I feel our team was struggling this year they had a hard time gaining confidence and attitude. Just from my experience if two teams face off and one has many superstars but has less confidence and desire then the other they will lose.

    If you watch closely you will see the Ends doing a better job of contain. At the begining of the year they would not hold that gap. When the ends contain it makes for easier reads for our LB's and we all know the easier we can make their job the better. Once you finally achieve that confidence and attitude like we seem to have gained last Sunday it is very hard to lose.

    This couldn't have happened at a better time. You practice with your team and go to war with them but you need something else to draw you together. And with all the media scrutiny and BS that they are trying to feed us about our team they basically gave prosac to a sleeping Giant. Now we are awake and pumped and ready to cause havoc.
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    Game ball goes to the DEFENSE?

    Amen - You got that right, that didn't even look like our D. They played exceptional!!!!!!!!!!!! :shock:

    There s only two things stopping you - fear and common sense!! The Truth you CAN"T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!!!!!!

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