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    Re: future looks bright for vikings. even without moss

    "magicci" wrote:
    "RandyMoss8404" wrote:
    Not sure how you figure that.

    Nate Burleson doesn't have CC's hands, Williamson doesn't have Moss' height, speed or leaping ability...
    dude why are you such a realist?
    Dunno, life has taught me lessons I guess?
    "He s done it! Portugal is through!"

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    Re: future looks bright for vikings. even without moss

    i learned about realist in my english class

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    Re: future looks bright for vikings. even without moss

    "midgensa" wrote:
    Ambrose is no stud, but he is a more than capable No. 2 CB, and the additions of Bell, Surtain and Knight make this defense ten times more formidable. DJ can only help and will be a stud in this league at some point if not the season ... I think the Chiefs could very well represent the AFC, they have made very similar moves to us ... hell Knight is better than Sharper and Surtain is better than Smoot and Bell is a better risk than Cowart (both are coming off injuries and such). I mean they did not have Williams or Winfield in place like us so we are a better overall D, but they did get a lot better.
    I agree they did get alot better. I also think we should have drafted D.J. instead of Troy Williamson. I guess we will see though,hopefully I'm wrong. If I'm right though, I should be making personnel decisions for an NFL team....time will tell.
    "We are Lions!!" - Achilles (from the movie Troy )

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    Re: future looks bright for vikings. even without moss

    Heres my take, I'll bring up again that burelson has got hands (proved that in college as well as the pros) and will only continue to improve his skills. T-will is a rookie and will have a rookie season (ups and downs). Travis Taylor was an excellent aquisition. Robinson no slouch. Now that C-pep can more evenly distribute the ball because he doesn't have to keep moss happy all should be more right in the receiving core. No more I play when I want to play but I'm gonna play every down because the ball could be coming my way. True there are many plays designed for one player in a given situation but all these guys should have a good year. Look who's throwing to them.
    This year the Vikes D is really going to find out if Farve tastes like chicken and to any Charger fans


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