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    Full Interview With Childress: Great Read!!!

    Very interesting interview,in fact this is the 1st interview I've seen this offseason. Enjoy!!

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    Re: Full Interview With Childress: Great Read!!!

    Same Article Just posting the title...and small clip.

    [size=12pt]Vikings still have shot at drafting Quinn[/size]
    Pioneer Press
    Article Last Updated: 03/23/2007 06:23:32 PM CDT

    The Vikings won't be trading for Houston Texans quarterback David Carr, but there's still a chance they could draft Notre Dame's Brady Quinn if he's available with the seventh overall selection. Those are among the subjects coach Brad Childress discussed Thursday during a one-on-one interview with Pioneer Press reporter Don Seeholzer.

    Q. With most of the big-name free agents off the market, can you fill your remaining holes in the draft, and did Kevin Curtis signing with Philadelphia make wide receiver an even higher draft priority?

    A. Kevin Curtis is a good player. We'd love to have Kevin Curtis, but I think there are going to be guys in the draft. So I feel satisfied that we should be able to get somebody there.

    Q. With Matt Schaub going to Houston, any interest in a guy like David Carr, or have you ruled out adding a veteran quarterback?

    A. I'm good with where we're at right there. I like those two guys (Tarvaris Jackson and Brooks Bollinger) at quarterback. I think it'll be a good competition. Does it mean we won't add anybody? It doesn't mean that.

    Good thing the article is not all about Quinn, the title is a bit misleading.
    Covers a lot of topics this offseason.

    Once again, Chilly wasn't a fountain of information.

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    Re: Full Interview With Childress: Great Read!!!

    This was posted by title yesterday:

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