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Thread: Frustration

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    It is just me, or does anyone else feel like we don't have to sign everyone who is released or in FA? I know that we need help on the D, but we've already done a lot of good signing this off season. I don't think that we should jump on every player just because they are available. We still have the draft coming up and August is very very far away. I think we just need to settle down for a little bit and see what the draft can bring us. If we still have holes after that then I'm all for signing some more free agents, but we don't have THAT much money left.

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    True, like pouncing on every Linebacker available, just stick with Claiborne, E.J. and Rogers, we do need a DE, though, but there's really no FA DE's worth signing.
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    Well i know they have a plan and i trust there plan i think they are concentrating on the draft for the most part right now. i don't like the idea of sighning everyone that hits the market either past has proven it doesn't work but they wont get out of hand, they might sign one or two more free agents for low $$ and then just concentrate on the draft. IF we have a draft anywhere close to the one we had last year it would be great

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