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Thread: A Fresh Start

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    A Fresh Start

    Training-camp postcard: Vikings
    Posted: Sunday August 13, 2006 3:43PM; Updated: Monday August 14, 2006 10:22AM

    [img width=300 height=410][/img]
    Linebacker E.J. Henderson, entering his fourth season, should be a big playmaker in Minnesota's new defensive scheme. Tom Dahlin/SI

    Ready to take off

    Rookie QB plenty of work

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    Re: A Fresh Start

    Man, Henderson looks like a f'n monster.. I can't wait for him to pound some bodies..

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    Re: A Fresh Start

    he's literally made some echoeing hits at training camp.. i hope he keeps playing like what he's been showing us these last few weeks, if so, i dont think i'll be worrying much anymore about our linebackers

    "We’ll win our own Super Bowl, with our own players. Real Vikings. Something Brett Favre can never be."

    - Dan Calabrese

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