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This article makes no sense at all.

I don't think Rick was trying to lie about this.

I think that they realized after the horrible game Freeman had that he doesn't have to perform for us this year. I also think that his pocket presence is the best of all our QBs. I think that making him go through the offseason will make a huge difference if he decides to resign with us. We will see at the end of the year what we are going to do. Ponder is not the answer.
I also don't think Frazier cares about evaluating next year’s qb and is trying to win now (and failing) I think he does know that no matter how safe they say his job is he is the walking dead, they may even can him in December just to get Freeman out there and who knows next year Cassel, a rookie and a free agent could be in camp after the draft. Its hard to say not knowing who will be coaching, the scheme that will be run and this team is going to be playing outdoors for a couple of seasons