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    Free NFL Game Simulator

    That is some good fun...did some 69-70 North Stars against 02-03 Wild also...SWEET!!! Yea know something though...after trying several scenarios with last years team, we had no business being 9-7...we should have been 11-5, 12-4 (like we didn't already know that).

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    Free NFL Game Simulator

    I dunno...I thought it kind of sucked.

    I did a 69 Vikings vs. 74 Steelers matchup several times. Why in the world would the simulation put all three QBs for each team in the game (unless one was hurt or ineffective)? I saw sacks recorded by Vikings that I'm pretty sure weren't even on the team, and if they were, they never hit the playing field. Maybe their data is seriously whacked or something. Even in the example above, come on, who is going to believe an 80 yd TD pass to Kleinsasser?

    A fun simulation is a little more than simply randomly selecting guys from a team's roster and plugging them in the lineup.

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