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    Free agents left?

    Can anyone tell me who we are close to signing? thanks.

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    Re: Free agents left?

    There are several posts and you are on the internet,, press) in the off-season form)

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    Re: Free agents left?

    We have an entire forum dedicated to topics such as this?

    [size=13pt]2008 Offseason/FA/Draft[/size]
    Offseason discussion centering around the Vikings Free Agency, NFL Draft, and other offseason moves.

    Since the Forum Rules (which are posted) apparently are seldom read, I have created a New Member Guide to PP.O.
    Works for new members and existing members.

    [size=10pt]New Member Guide to PP.O [/size]

    [size=10pt]BE COURTEOUS[/size]
    Please keep posts where they belong; in the proper forum.
    The forum descriptions can be found on the Forum Index page.
    Do not rely on the Latest Talk or Top 10 for post location. If you wish to talk about cars or music for example, please post it in "The Clubhouse." And, of course, if you wish to talk about YOUR MINNESOTA VIKINGS, post it in the Vikings Fan forum! If an Admin or Mod find that you have posted an off topic post, it will be moved to the appropriate forum or removed.

    Netiquette rules.
    Look for an existing thread on a topic prior to starting a new one.
    Breaking news or hot topics are more likely to have been covered; please add to existing thread.
    Got a unique take?
    Then by all means post a new thread.
    check, use the [size=13pt] PP.O Search Function[/size]

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