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Thread: Free Agents

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    Free Agents

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    Free Agents

    When it s all said and done, you ll have to admit we re number 1!

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    Free Agents

    I was bored today (snow day for school) so I started looking at Free-Agents... Here what I found:


    1. David Boston - Do we need him? No, but we would be unstopable with 2 WR that need 2x coverage... It would iopen up holes the size of Bryant Mckennie for Bennett and if we send 3 WRs out, either Moss or Boston will be single covered or D'wayne bates/ Kelly Campobell WON't Be Covered... It would solidfy our Offense, more then likely making it the best in the league... I heard, that we are $30 million under and Boston might be a good guy to siugn to a 4-years 20+ million dollars deal and get rid of Alexander who we are playing $5.3mill for 3 years... Overall we can't go wrong signing him...

    2. Kevin Johnson - Johnson is tough reciever like Chris Walsh, but unlike Walsh he is also a great deep threat and will make the catch while being hit by 3 or more defenders and then get up and do it again. If we can't get Boston I reccondmend giving Alexander's Salary to Johnson...

    1. Ray Buchannan - Buchannan is moer then likely going to be a victim of the Salary Cap for this comming year... If we signed only one Free-agent this year it have to be him... He showed in the Atlanta game that he cover Randy moss 1 on 1 for at 20 yards down the feild and anyone who can do that is worth a 3-year 18million dollar deal... I don't know what he is getting in Atlanta but I think he definately worth giving up 1/5 or more of our remaining cap... signing him and David Boston would be 2 of the smartest things the Vikings have done since drafting Moss...

    2. Jason Sehorn - Sehorn becomes a freen agent in February 2003, he would be a great addition to our secondary and could single handedily send us back to '98 form... The Giants might not be able to keep him because Micheal Strahan also becomes a free-agent... Sehorn, I think, would get us the final boost we need to get to the top of the hill...

    3. Bryant Westbrook - The Cowboy star is someone we might consider getting this offseason... He is a good CB and would definately help to Solidify our Secondary... Definately a good guy to get...

    4. Terry Fair - If none of the others listed above sign with us, Terry fair would be a guy to get. He is most likely desperate to get out of Detroit and Detroit needs to re-sign James Stewart...

    5. Todd Lyght - Lyght is the same possition as Fair... I'd to give the edge to fair though, he is a better player.

    Offensive Line:

    1. Mo Collins - We only need a guard if Lewis Kelly can not get back to playing the way he was in the pre-season and training camp, Mo Collins would be a good replacement for Lacina who is a average starter, but a great back-up...

    2. Brad Badger - The Raiders are going to have to re-sign Tim Brown, Rich Gannon and Terrance Shaw. Their first focus will be on those guys and not Badger...

    Defensive Linemen:

    1. Michael Strahan - Everyone knows this guy. He'd make our Defensive line the best in the league, teams would have to double him and Hovan and even then thats not guarenteed to work for both of them, not to mention Kenny Mixon, Lorenzo Brommel, and Lance Johnstone... The Giants need to resign Kerry Collins, Luke Petitgout, Ike Hilliard, and Michael Barrow, along with others, and might not be able to sign Strahan back because they also need to sign some Offensive Talent and continue to pay Tiki Barber...

    2. Hugh Douglas - The Eagles have signed many players to long-term contracts and apparently might not be able to re-sign Douglas... Douglas will have more then likely the same type of effect Strahan would have, just in less numbers...

    3. Willie McGinest - Willie most likely will be available, with Brady's contract and all the other players NE needs to sign, its definately possible Willie will be available for the vikes to sign...

    There are more, but my fingers are getting tired - lol...
    When it s all said and done, you ll have to admit we re number 1!

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